From debobbling knitwear to reinforcing bags: this could be the solution to all your sartorial problems


The Restory, the UK’s leading provider in luxury aftercare, has extended its portfolio of services by introducing trusted aftercare for the wardrobe.

With the global aftercare market worth £100 billion, The Restory is further consolidating its reputation within the fashion industry as the trusted destination for luxury repair services. Branching for the first time into the clothing category, The Restory will continue to offer a seamless experience for clients worldwide, delivering standard services and unique solutions and to attend each individual need whilst enabling clients to extend the longevity of the promise that comes with luxury.


“Having spent years cracking the complexity of leather goods, launching our clothing vertical is a natural progression for The Restory. Extending ‘desirable life’, whether through repair, cleaning, or alterations, is the most stylish and sustainable way to consume. Our aim is to make falling in love again with your favourites as easy and trustworthy as possible.” said VANESSA JACOBS, FOUNDER & CEO OF THE RESTORY.

“With the most talented and creative atelier of artisans, we are expanding into clothing repair to ensure your whole wardrobe works for you. You can now alter, repair, and restore your clothes, shoes and bags in one go at the click of a button.We offer a wide range of services from simple hemming and button reattachments to advanced alterations and resizing.”


The clothing aftercare services will include cleaning, maintenance repairs and replacements, as well as bespoke alterations, including couture and tailoring. They launch alongside the opening of RESELFRIDGES: THE WEDDING at Selfridges Corner Shop in London, which runs for five weeks from 2nd August and where The Restory will provide their clothing services alongside shoes, bags and leather goods.

Shortening the length of sleeves or legs is a simple service that makes a big difference to your wardrobe. These simple alteration services don’t require a fitting. Before sending your items in, The Restory asks you to pin them in place according to the desired length. . Whether you need bespoke sizing adjustments or advanced tailoring, everything looks better when it fits. Whether your buttons have fallen off or you don’t like the style of the current ones, make your wardrobe work for you. The company has many techniques to repair holes in knits and wovens, whatever the size of the damage. The repair house can darn small hole or use invisible mending techniques, for repairs that blend into the original weave . Alternatively, the artisans are specially trained in woven visible mending methods. This is where cotton threads are woven together to create a new pattern concealing the hole.