Switzerland: Discovering its most enchanting places

photo @ Zermatt Bergbahnen

One of the most popular destinations in Europe, Switzerland “enchants” not only Europeans but also travellers from America and Asia since the era of the Grand Tour (1660-1840), which was the traditional European trip of young and noble mainly Europeans.

Although most of its reputation has to do with snow and skiing, Switzerland has several cities and places worth seeing that will give you experiences, beautiful images and definitely an enviable photo album. If you are going to travel to Switzerland, do not forget to go through as many of the following places as you can, which are among its top destinations and guarantee you magical memories.

photo © Zürich Tourismus/ @Zuerich.com


The largest, most famous city in Switzerland and the one that those who do not excel in geography confuse as its capital, Zurich, is located in the heart not only of Europe but also of those who have visited it at least once in their lives. On the northern shores of the lake of the same name with the wonderful view of the snowy Alps on the horizon, Zurich has exceptional beauty, multicultural air and is suitable for many activities, from sailing on the lake to hiking in the Uetliberg mountain. It has over 50 museums and more than 100 galleries and nightlife that you may not find anywhere else in the country.

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The second most populous city after Zurich, Geneva gives you the opportunity to “dust off” your French accent, to get to know its cosmopolitan, but also the most humanitarian aspect, since it is the European headquarters of the UN and the birthplace of the International Red Cross and to Experience the “Capital of Peace” up close. With the lake with the big Jet d’Eau fountain, the old town with its picturesque shops, parks and lively streets and its intense cultural side with international artists passing by the Grand Theater and the Opera, with many different museums (including the International Museum of Watches), Geneva has every moment to offer you something new.

photo @Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern


Lucerne is the essence of Switzerland for many travellers, with its magnificent lake and beautiful Alpine panorama. In its old town, where there are no cars, you will find medieval bridges, historic houses, charming neighborhoods and where the traditional dominates, you will find that the modern is not missing, with innovative design, highlighting the futuristic Culture and Conference Center by the French architect Jean Nouvel. Lucerne is also the ideal base for excursions in central Switzerland.

photos @ Zermatt Bergbahnen Instagram/ @instagram.com/zermattbergbahnen/


The famous Zermatt is located at the foot of the Matterhorn, the most photographed mountain globally. Due to its location among areas suitable for skiing, it is one of the most attractive villages for holidays, with slopes of 320 km ready to accommodate aspiring skiers from around the world. Suppose you want to experience an indescribable experience on the magical slopes of Zermatt.

In that case, you can turn to the complete accommodation packages of the company Erna Low, which will find for you the most economical and advantageous offers of a unique trip. In addition to skiing, the area is popular with hikers, with more than 400 km of trails, including some dating back to the 13th century. Due to the fact that according to the law in the village only electric cars move, the air of the area is very clean, and the hotels and restaurants stand out in terms of quality and services, causing the admiration of the visitors and the desire to be able to stay there a little longer.

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