Sustainable Indulgence: Exploring Cova’s Eco-Friendly Summer Retreat in Paraggi

From Milan to Paraggi: Cova spends summer by the sea.

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Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone, an icon of Milanese pastry and culinary art, is docking in Paraggi, a stunning bay nestled between Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure in the Liguria region. Renowned for its superb products and exquisitely refined d├ęcor, the Milan institution is decked out in the red and white colors of the famed Bagni Bosetti beach.

As the warm summer breeze sweeps over Italy, Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone, the renowned icon of Milanese pastry and culinary art, sets its sails towards a new destination – Paraggi, a stunning bay nestled between the picturesque towns of Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure in the Liguria region. This exciting venture brings the essence of Milan’s beloved institution to the tranquil shores of Paraggi, where Cova’s impeccable products and refined charm meet the allure of the Bagni Bosetti beach.

In a bid to be a part of the area’s revitalization, Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone has beautifully integrated itself into the coastal landscape while preserving its time-honored style and flavors. The summer residence, adorned in the classic red and white colors that symbolize Cova’s elegance, stands as a testament to meticulous attention to detail and respect for the pristine nature that surrounds it. Sustainability has been at the heart of the design, with the use of eco-friendly materials like natural teak and wooden wall panels, showcasing the brand’s commitment to both the environment and culinary excellence.

Embodying the essence of Milanese culture, the ambiance of the new space exudes relaxed elegance, perfectly complementing Cova’s rich 200-year history. With a passion for preserving the environment, Cova’s summer residence has taken steps to eliminate plastic from its operations, embracing ethical choices and forging partnerships with local producers. This collaboration celebrates the fabulous terroir of the Tigullio region, enhancing the culinary experience with the freshest and most exquisite ingredients.

Visitors to the summer residence are welcomed by a spacious bar facing the enchanting boardwalk, an idyllic spot to kickstart the day with a cup of Cova’s renowned coffee – the perfect morning ritual. For those who prefer to indulge in the slower pace of summer mornings, the bar offers a delightful array of aperitivo options, allowing guests to bask in the glorious hues of the setting sun as they unwind and savor the moment.

The menu at Cova’s summer residence is a harmonious fusion of timeless classics and marine inspirations, a culinary symphony orchestrated by the brand’s exquisite savoir-faire. Each dish and pastry on offer carries the unmistakable mark of Cova’s commitment to superb quality and taste. As the sun-drenched days roll by, the menu is updated regularly to ensure a refreshing and delightful dining experience for all who step foot into this distinctive setting.

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Founded by Antonio Cova and the Neapolitan pastry chef Giuseppe Cova, Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone has a remarkable legacy.

Originally, it began as a small pastry shop serving the finest pastries, coffee, and confections in Milan. Over the years, it garnered a reputation for its exceptional quality, becoming a gathering spot for artists, writers, and intellectuals. Pasticceria Cova quickly became an integral part of Milanese culture and remains a symbol of tradition and excellence in the city.


The menu at Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone is a delightful selection of traditional Italian pastries, cakes, and confections. Some of the highlights include:

Pastries: Cova offers a wide array of delectable pastries, including cannoli, sfogliatelle, bigne, and cassata. Each pastry is crafted with precision and attention to detail, resulting in a delicious and visually appealing treat.

Cakes: Their cakes are a testament to their pastry expertise. From classic tiramisu and fruit tarts to their signature chocolate cakes, every slice is a heavenly experience.

Coffee and Beverages: Pasticceria Cova takes pride in its perfectly brewed coffee, offering a variety of espresso-based drinks and teas to complement their pastries.

Gelato: During the summer months, Cova serves gelato in various flavors, providing a refreshing treat for visitors.

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Throughout its history, Pasticceria Cova has attracted some of the most talented pastry chefs in Italy. The current team of chefs continues to honor the traditions and recipes passed down through generations, while also infusing new flavors and ideas to keep the offerings relevant and exciting.

Most Wanted Products:

While all of Pasticceria Cova’s products are exquisite, a few stand out as the most sought-after items:

Panettone: During the Christmas season, Pasticceria Cova is renowned for its artisanal panettone, a traditional Italian Christmas cake. People from all over the world order these delicacies as a symbol of Milanese holiday tradition.

Pralines: Their pralines, especially those filled with gianduja (a delightful mixture of chocolate and hazelnut), are a must-try for chocolate enthusiasts.

Sfogliatelle: Cova’s sfogliatelle, a flaky pastry filled with sweet ricotta cream, are incredibly popular and often sell out quickly.

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