Spymaster MiniSub

The Spymaster MiniSub is a £12,000 one-man submarine designed for exploring the undersea world (for depths of up to 12 metres), or for inspecting or other security / military purposes.

It is designed by Spymaster, London’s most respected and best equipped spy shop. You can find this sea toys in the Technology Department on the third floor at Harrods. Each MiniSub is supplied with 2 batteries, one to be charged whilst the other is being used. Depth control is via a control button which inflates and deflates a bladder attached to a scuba air tank. Steering is via a hand operated rudder control.
Spymaster MiniSub specification and performance:

Dimensions:100cms x 63cms x 145cms.
Net Weight: 95.4Kgs.
Battery weight: 18.6Kgs.
Diving Depth: 6-12 metres
Speed: 2Km/hour
Turning radius : 2m.
Motor running time: 60-80 minutes
Continuous air supply: 60-80 minutes
Carrying capacity: 30Kg – 160Kg.
Travelling distance: 2.5Km.
Main construction components: FRP, stainless steel
Deep water motor: 750w direct current motor
Battery: 12V50AH, sealed and environmentally friendly (Special design for this product)
Battery charging time: 4 – 6 hours.