Special occasion travel: Kuoni’s first ever TV advertising campaign

Kuoni has announced the launch of its new TV ad campaign

 High-end travel brand Kuoni (established in 1906 in Switzerland by Alfred Kuoni) launched its first ever dedicated television advertising campaign.

The honeymoon creative was filmed in the Maldives and highlights Kuoni’s expertise and understanding at helping plan the most special of all holidays. The special occasion birthday creative was filmed in Kenya and highlights the attention to detail and craftsmanship Kuoni places on making these luxury holidays even more memorable and unique.

“Time away with our loved ones is so precious, to many it could be the true meaning of luxury and for others it’s the stuff family memories are made from. Television helps us to portray those heart-stirring emotions we feel when in an amazing location overseas, be it celebrating the start of married life together or any special occasion in your life. We can’t wait for audiences up and down the country to tune in and be moved to travel,” said Derek Jones, Kuoni’s Managing Director.

Special occasion travel is an investment for the future as well as the present. Landmark times in our lives stand out in our history, and they define the quality of our relationships and how we think about them,” said psychotherapist Christine Webber. “By travelling somewhere memorable to celebrate significant events, we imbue these occasions with a unique and special feel. We turn them into red-letter days. We acknowledge that we made a real effort to elevate them and enshrine them in our memories. And when we revisit them, by leafing through the photo album or playing our old travel videos, we can enjoy again the importance and joy that we felt at the time.”