In the mood to shine: Givenchy L’Argent Celeste

Givenchy’s Le Makeup Artistic Director Nicolas Degennes invented this shimmering loose powder to help us rediscover the sensual and timeless gesture of applying perfumed powder. Givenchy invites us to wear this powder and shine like a starry night. L’Argent Celeste adds a delicate silver glow to the face and body evoking “the whiteness of the moon.”

“My philosophy is that makeup is freedom… Freedom to become whoever you want to be in that moment…to experiment…to create…to express…” Nicolas Degennes told beauty interviews.

L’Argent Celeste loose powder is part of Givenchy’s festive collection that includes Prisme Enchanté «Enchanted Rose» blush, Rouge Interdit (58 Enchanted beige, Rouge Interdit Shine 30 Pinkish beige, and Gelée d’Interdit 19 Enchanted Silver), Vernis Please! (Enchanted Mat Grey), accompanied by Noir Couture mascara; Mister Smooth smoothing primer, and Eclat Matissime fluid foundation.