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As craft beers are popping up everywhere to the extent that every town has at least one small craft brewery, it seems almost understandable to think that there needs to be craft liquor for a delicious craft cocktail. Some of the rarest and most expensive liquor is hundreds of years old. The only thing is that some of these are so rare and hard to find that they won’t be on your next door neighbor’s shelf unless you live in Beverly Hills. But for those of us that want or need that liquor, maybe we want to splurge because of a special event or as a gift for that special someone. A few of these may go perfect on your bar at home. Make sure that you have more than just alcohol at the bar. Include plenty of syrups and other options for you and your guests. You might even want to have the makings of a Shirley Temple drink for the young guests that come over.

One example that always comes to mind for luxury style liquor is Cognac. Not only is Cognac a region in France where it’s made, but it is also a thousand-year-old beverage that people love to sip on. This type of brandy, distilled twice in fact, is a perfect drink after a large meal and to keep the night young. There are four most popular brands that most people know of, including Remy Martin, Courvoisier, Hennessey Remy, and Martell. They all are easily available for you to store in your bar for your next occasion. Although, if you can somehow snag a chance at Harrod’s in London before Christmas, there is always a bottle of Louis XIII that fetches into the six-figure dollar amount.

High-end gin may not be the most expensive on the market compared to other types of liquor, but there certainly are plenty of classic British dry gins to new American gins that are bringing back the classic cocktails of pre-prohibition and onwards. One of the most common found liquors, gin is in many cocktails and some of the most famous: Vesper, Negroni, French 75, Gibson, and Gimlets. Of course, for others, a classic gin and tonic will always be a great choice.

The next type of luxury liquor that you should be adding to your soon well-stocked bar is mezcal. It has a much smokier flavor profile than tequila and mixes up your traditional tequila beverages. Margaritas, Negronis, Last Word are just a few examples of classic drinks that can be made using mezcal as the substitute — adding a variety of fruit-flavored and other styles of syrups will easily pizzazz your bar at home.

MONIN Kiwi syrup brings your drink an intense juicy taste that will leave a sweet and slightly tart flavour

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There are plenty and multiple uses for flavored syrups. Not only are there all sorts of fruit syrups like commonly found strawberry, lemon or raspberry, but there are infrequent flavors such as muscadine and even kiwi that can spruce up and add natural flavor to your bar. Fruitful drinks are great for the hotter months, especially if you are poolside or at the beach.
For the winter months, spiced, peppermint and mocha flavors are available for whiskey, mead and coffee liquor drinks. Probably the one that everyone must have in their home if they happen to have a bar is simple syrup. The simple syrup can be made with different types of sugar and goes with so many various cocktails.

Monin Shirley Temple

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Even though having a full bar is important, there may be some non-alcoholic drinks that are optional. One of the most favorites is the Shirley Temple, using only ginger ale and a splash of grenadine. This basic, yet fun and sweet drink happens to be a favorite for many Americans of all ages. Even though the real Shirley Temple stated that she had nothing to do with its conception and, unfortunately, no one knows its true origin story, this drink is always a hit.

So for anyone looking to expand their horizons or at least their bar, it’s in everyone’s interest to look for a few luxury liquors for those special occasions. Add a few different types of liquor and have flavorful syrups so that the drinks can keep flowing. Even more so, for anyone needing a break from the alcohol, a refreshing virgin drink is perfect. So go ahead and complete your bar.

Martell Cognac VSOP on the shelf

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Monin - Like for the Jasmin Spritzer - Love for the Rosé Strawberry Spritze

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