Soleil Lalique: Wake up & smell the sun




Fragrances have the force to instinctively touch your inner self and at times, draw you into eternal dreams for moments yet to come.


Lalique Soleil launch; @LALIQUE

With this addictive new fragrance, Lalique celebrates the sun and the free-spirited women who love it. As an added, playful touch, a jewel is wound around the neck of the bottle. Unwind the jewel, and voilà: it becomes a charm bracelet inspired by the timeless modernity of an Art Deco Lalique earring from the 1927/1928 Collection.

Soleil Lalique, the new feminine fragrance by Lalique, is currently offered in a lavish 100 ml natural spray bottle and will soon be available in travel-friendly 30 ml & 50 ml sizes.

“Her scent is as exhilarating as the pearly golden light of a fresh new day, as irresistibly sweet as the first sip of frothy Caffè Latte in the morning, as warm and soft as her golden skin,” explained Lalique.

Golden and warm as the rays of the sun, Soleil Lalique promises to be a zesty start to a beautiful morning, the addictive treat of a gourmand’s heart, and a radiant halo of feminine notes.

Lalique Soleil Perfume 2019

Lalique Soleil launch; @LALIQUE


Lalique Soleil launch; @LALIQUE


Lalique Soleil launch; @LALIQUE

2020 limited edition the Orchidée flacon

2020 limited edition the Orchidée flacon; @LALIQUE

2020 limited edition the Orchidée flacon

The sophisticated orchid blossom, a floral muse that inspired some of René Lalique’s most sublime jewels, offers Lalique the theme of its sumptuous 2020 limited edition: ‘the Orchidée flacon’. The strange sinuous forms of the orchid, recalling both insect wings and a dancer’s veils, has made it one of the most iconic flowers of Art Nouveau.

Initiated by Marie-Claude Lalique to celebrate the birth of her perfume, Limited, Numbered and Signed Editions of Collector’s Flacons have become an annual event since 1994. Initially dedicated to feminine perfumes, these prestigious editions were subsequently joined by their male counterparts in 1997. The mascots have inspired the Lalique Pour Homme flacons.

Soleil Lalique


Soleil Lalique, the New Feminine Fragrance

Soleil Lalique, the New Feminine Fragrance; @LALIQUE