Smart Hybrid: O Yachts launches its first power catamaran consuming 1L per mile at 10kts



Facts: 1L / mile at 10kts. O Yachts Class 6 Power is also made for distinctive ladies who love sailing.

O Yachts Class 6 Power catamaran offers both of two worlds: a spacious luxurious boat designed to be chartered and a fast and sleek performance machine with a unique “spine concept”. The “Smart Hybrid” engine brings together the best of both worlds: electric for a sustainable cruising and diesel for the wider range.

“The world is changing! At O Yachts we think it is time to offer a fuel-efficient power catamaran, optimized for cruising speeds with very low fuel consumption. Class 6 has the fuel efficiency and range to comfortably achieve ocean passages with low CO2 impact. Once arrived at your destination, enjoy the electric propulsion mode for short trips,” said the shipyard in a statement.

O Yachts Class 6 Power Catamaran Fuel consumption : 1l / Mile.

The electrical system is entrusted to OceanVolt with a 15kw motor/hydro generator associated to a bank of 19KW lithium batteries. The diesel system relies on several engine manufacturers for powers from 80 to 110hp. The large bore diesel block (3.4L minimum) is used for its power at low rpm with a large variable pitch propeller and some secret optimisations.

The maximum speed is 13 knots while the cruising speed varies between 8 knots and 10 knots depending on the load, but with a weight of 11.5T ready to go to sea without any adjustments, the configurations are multiple with 8T of load.

Built in Latvia in composite and carbon, the Class 6 platform is suitable for many applications, including scientific ones.

In the globetrotter configuration, the yacht is designed for a family wishing to take a sabbatical year. The Diving tour is a version to bring divers allows a reduced operating cost and the possibility to reach protected nature reserves thanks to the electric motor. For hotels and resorts: , the catamaran with its 44m2 platform offers all its width for a comfortable XL welcome to hotel guests either by shuttle or for daily outings. For two years the Class 6 was successfully used by scientists for a marine acoustic whale tracking project in the Mediterranean Sea.The hull has already proven its qualities as a base for high-performance sailing boats.

Class 6 is the only catamaran built with O Yachts’ protected design SPINE CONCEPT.

This third central structure acts as a wave-piercing flying hull, making Class 6 a sort of hybrid between a classic catamaran and a racing trimaran. This arrangement increases the rigidity and safety of the boat. It also holds the anchor compartment and lifts the front of the yacht in heavy seas. The central beam gives the freedom to perfectly position the mast on this carbon spine while preserving living space. Catamarans designed to charter sacrify performance to create artificial space by moving the mast too far forward. The Class 6 has a perfectly balanced rigging arrangement, and are safe, easy to handle and fast.

The real luxury is space and security: Class 6 by O Yachts was designed to allow ladies to enjoy sailing.

Ladies will feel safe on a Class 6, even while sailing fast in strong winds. The spine splits the waves before impact and gives buyancy in the front to lift the nose up. On traditional catamarans, huge waves will break on the platform with incredible noise and water passing over the bimini. No such experience on a Class 6. The boat inherent speed generates inertia stability and comfort.

The yacht is easy to handle and manoeuvre due to its unique balance. It is safe, offers plenty of open space and can be fully customised at the owner´s taste. It can be fitted with a tender lift platform to make docking, anchoring and tender movements effortless, safe and easy. The lift cradle doubles up as a sea level swim platform, ideal for young children, diving instructions and water toys.