This new barbecue line displays a wealth of expertise in cooking systems




Grilling in style: Here is a new luxury BBQ line for for outdoor cooking enthusiasts who prefer to grill with the utmost convenience. Based in Florence, Italy, Officine Gullo creates handcrafted masterpieces in Florence’s signature metalwork style.

@Officine Gullo OG BBQ100

Home professional kitchen manufacturer Officine Gullo gas barbecues stand out because of the professional quality of the cooking systems and their exclusive design. Crafted in stainless steel, the barbecues can be painted in any colour in the RAL range as well as in custom shades available on request. A variety of finishes for the brass details are also on hand. Every BBQ can be uniquely personalized. The barbecues are available in three sizes: 80 (BBQ80), 100 (BBQ100) and 140 (BBQ140) cm wide. Built-in versions are also an option for all three sizes.

@Officine Gullo OG BBQ100 details

Officine Gullo OG BBQ100

The OG BBQ100 Barbecue from Officine Gullo, with a 2,920 cm² cooking area, has 8 high-performance 31 kW burners and sturdy 9.5 mm thick stainless steel grills. The perfect nonstick surfaces allow excellent results to be achieved, even for the most delicate dishes. The distinctive wave structure is the hallmark of the product’s exclusivity. The ignition system, which is powered by a flame parallel and adjacent to the burner, guarantees safe and instant lighting.

On the side shelving on the right there is an ice tray with an integrated cutting board. A a drink holder is built into the shelving – it also acts as a container for ice or other foods for use during and after barbecuing. On the left, there is an infrared cooking area. This is a high-temperature cooking surface, which reaches 980° due to the ceramic cooking top. In direct contact with an intense source of heat, similar to charcoal, meats brown rapidly, ensuring tender and succulent results.

In the OG BBQ100, a practical tray, which can be easily removed as needed, makes smoking food straightforward due to the built-in system. Wood powered, the tray enables the barbecue to be transformed quickly into a food smoker. The lid operates on sliding rails and can be retracted to regain the space required, unlike the usual opening mechanisms of hinged lids. All the heat is maintained beneath its double side.The hinges on the doors and lid enable slow, careful and silent closure.

Another detail that embellishes this barbecue are the back-lit handles. For additional convenience, internal lighting has been positioned within the cooking area, on the sides of the lid and inside the barbecue units.

The wheels are easy to lock in position, ensuring the utmost stability. Two of the wheels are larger to make the OG-BBQ easier to move, even on uneven terrain.

@Officine Gullo OG BBQ140 built-in

Officine Gullo OG BBQ140 built-in

The OG BBQ140 built-in Barbecue from Officine Gullo vaunts an impressive cooking surface measuring 3,543 cm² and a total of 9 high-performance burners at 39.2 kW.