This sound-absorbing sustainable lamp solves the unpleasant problem of ambient noise



Lamuda, the sound-absobing, sustainable lamp by Ximo Roca Design.

This pendant lamp promotes sound insulation in the room and promotes our well-being thanks to a soft, highly moldable, sound-absorbing and sustainable material created from recycled plastic bottles. The piece by Ximo Roca Design contributes, by itself, to promoting sustainability.

Lamuda and Luciole lamps by @Ximo Roca Design Studio

Ximo Roca Design Studio‘s Lamuda sound absorbing lamp is characterised by a slim and delicate design and its ability to address the need to solve the unpleasant problem of ambient noise. This suspended lamp, created for the design brand Plussmi, allows sound insulation in a closed space and promotes the well-being of its occupants.

“We noticed that, particularly crowded spaces, such as restaurants or offices, can be extremely noisy, something that can be a nuisance for those people sharing the space. We set out to create something new: a lamp with a dual function, illuminating and, at the same time, absorbing sound to enable a relaxed conversation”, explained designer Ximo Roca.

The research resulted in another innovation. A soft, highly malleable, sound-absorbing and sustainable material created from recycled plastic bottles.

Lamuda represents yet another step in the collaborative relationship between the Ximo Roca design studio and Plussmi, the company for which he designed the Luciole portable lamp in 2017, selected by the CLAP awards and finalist in the ADCV awards of the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community.

Luciole is a compact and small table lamp, made up of two pieces of solid wood joined together by elastic bands that allow it to be carried as a lantern by its upper handle. The cylindrical screen generates a soft light that blends harmoniously into spaces. The lamp allows autonomous lighting without the need for cables thanks to a rechargeable battery through a USB port.

Luciole by @Ximo Roca Design Studio