Sidra Dar Al Arkan – the biggest real estate project in Bosnia

The 500,000 sqm luxury development will be located in Bosnia within a stunning forest just 30 minutes from the country’s capital, Sarajevo.

Named Sidra, meaning life among the forests, the 500,000 sqm development will be surrounded by 20,000 native
trees and is the largest single real estate project in Bosnia. It will offer a gated community of high specifications villas designed for modern living, in an area classified as one of the healthiest and cleanest in the Balkans.

Dar Al Arkan, the leading real estate development company in Saudi Arabia, has released its SR500,000,000 new
luxury vacation and housing development in Bosnia for sale. The project offers the opportunity to own a second
home in a haven of peace and tranquility within the heart of Europe and is rapidly becoming the top destination for investment and vacations.

@Sidra Dar Al Arkan project

@Sidra Dar Al Arkan Bosnia project


Work will begin on site this summer with the infrastructure and clubhouse with completion planned within 36 months.

Potential buyers will be invited to select their preferred site and choose their model of villa from a range of options.

“After launching our project in Dubai, we are now expanding into Bosnia which presents a golden opportunity to purchase a piece of prime real estate in a highly desirable European destination and we believe it will attract Bosnian, Saudi and international investors. We are delighted to collaborate with local Bosnian architects, consultants and contractors on this project. We also applaud the swift government granting of licenses to start the project, which also demonstrates Bosnia’s desire to attract foreign investors.” – Yousef Bin Abdullah Al Shalash, Chairman of Dar Al Arkan.

Emir Ferovic, Director of Operations of Real Engineering & Consulting company, who is managing the design and execution of the project, added, “Bosnia is a cultural destination which combines history, a Mediterranean climate and a stunning natural environment with excellent links to the rest of Europe. It is rapidly growing in popularity and this development provides the perfect investment for those wishing to be part of the country’s developing luxury tourism and hospitality sector.”

He added “Sidra will be a wonderful sanctuary for those wishing to relax within a private, gated community surrounded by luxury facilities and services.”

The development will incorporate contemporary villas inspired by local architecture and feature stylish interiors. Facilities on-site will include a clubhouse, café, supermarket, gym, spa, children’s playground and a 5-star boutique hotel.

Based in Riyadh (KSA), Dar Al Arkan is a public shareholding company listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul). With SR10.8 billion in capital and SR26 billion in assets, we are one of the leading real estate companies in the Middle East.

@Sidra Dar Al Arkan Bosnia project

@Sidra Dar Al Arkan Bosnia project