The search for the perfect white choc bar is over

Dormouse Chocolates Madagascar Toasted White Bar;

Powered by article titled “The search for the perfect white choc bar is over” was written by Annalisa Barbieri, for The Observer on Sunday 1st November 2020 09.00 UTC

It’s no secret that white chocolate isn’t really my thing. I sacrifice myself at its altar occasionally, for the reader. But it’s always far too sweet and somehow too needy (eat me, eat me!). There have been really good white bars – Solkiki’s So Woke, was a recent example. – and I’d eat them, but usually I wouldn’t choose white. Yet I hoped that one day, the perfect white bar would present itself.

And then it happened. I had contacted Dormouse chocolate saying I’d like to order some of their bars, but I was just too lazy to choose, so what three bars did they recommend? And one of the ones they recommended was the 38% Toasted White (with criollo/trinitario beans from Madagascar and with a conch time of 48 hours. I love this level of detail. If you’re going to nerd out about chocolate, you need to know everything) because it was ‘a classic’.

I was reluctant to hand over £6 for a 70g bar of white chocolate, which I would probably taste one square of but, thank the Lord, I did.

Dormouse chocolate bars are wrapped in beautiful paper wrappers – you could wallpaper a room with them, and give yourself diabetes, if you bought enough of them. The foil inside has that perfect, nostalgic crinkle crankle to it. The chocolate is a dark tan colour due to the toasted milk used. And then the taste – smooth, creamy, biscuity, caramelly and all those other adjectives that make you want to eat eat eat. Amazing and delicious and sweet, yes, but in a grown-up way. Perfection found. © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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