Samson Motors Switchblade is a real flying car that actually flies

Samson Motors Switchblade metallic

Samson Motors Switchblade; Image: samsonmotorworks

The Switchblade – The World’s First Flying Sports Car Has the best of both worlds.

The revolutionary Switchblade three-wheeled Flying Car leads the field as the first of this new vehicle line to meet the growing demand for flying cars and roadable aircraft.

On the ground you will need either an automobile license or a motorcycle license. In the air you will need a private pilot license.

The Switchblade is a three wheel, street legal vehicle that you drive from your garage to a nearby local airport. Once there, the wings swing out and the tail extends in under 3 minutes. You then fly your registered aircraft directly to the destination – at up to 200 mph and 13,000 feet. You simply land, transform your flying sports car back to driving mode – the wings safely stowed and protected – and continue to your final destination.

The Italian-inspired clean shape is designed to produce a down-force in gusty wind conditions, stabilizing the lightweight vehicle on the road. The wings are set at the correct angle so you literally fly the plane off the runway. Landings are similar, in that you simply fly the vehicle onto the runway to land.

Standard features of these flying car include extendable wings and tail, wings fully protected while driving, redundant ignition and fuel systems,5-speed transmission for driving, dual ground / air  lighting systems, digital instrument display, premium sound system, heating and air conditioning, adjustable leather seats,  complete vehicle parachute, front and rear crumple zones, a roll over protection, front and rear disc brakes, safety glass front windshield.

Samson Motors Switchblade Samson Motors Switchblade red

Samson Motors Switchblade Flying Car PERFORMANCE:

Maximum Airspeed: 190 mph / 305 kph;
Cruise speed: 160 mph / 257 kph;
Max driving speed: 125+ mph / 201+ kph;
Range: 450 miles / 724 km;
Fuel capacity: 30 gal / 114 L;
Take-off distance: 1,100 ft / 335 m;
Landing distance: 1,600 ft / 488 m;
Stall speed (with flaps): 67 mph / 108 kph;
Max Takeoff Weight: 1,750 lb / 794 kg;
Payload: 544 lb / 247 kg.

Experimental / Homebuilt class, requires the owner to build 51% of the vehicle, says Samson Motors, so the kit is delivered majorly assembled.  Should you desire professional assistance, one of the company Builder Assist Centers will be able to help you complete the vehicle in as  little as three weeks, adds Samson Motors.

Samson Motors Switchblade - silver


Right now, there is an easy way to beat the crowds and get a much earlier delivery position. It’s called the Switchblade Reservation Program.

“Currently, there is no money required until after we fly. After that point, for Reservation Holders, there will be a $2,000 deposit, refundable less $500. Once our first Switchblade comes off the production line and deliveries have begun, the Deposit turns hard,  and you either stay in, maintaining your position, or are refunded $1,500,” explained Samson Motors Switchblade.