What Role Does Annie Leibovitz Play in Canada Goose’s Celebration of Fearless Women?

The performance luxury brand taps Sheila Atim, Sophie Darlington and Kimberly Newell to unveil the fall season’s new womenswear styles.

The Live in the Open Campaign: @Canada Goose x @Annie Leibovitz/ Credit: Annie Leibovitz for Canada Goose (CNW Group/Canada Goose)

Canada Goose is bringing its community on a journey of female empowerment and individuality as it ventures, with Annie Leibovitz, to the rugged landscapes of New Mexico, the setting of its latest brand campaign.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the iconic brand Canada Goose has taken a remarkable stride towards celebrating female empowerment and individuality. Their groundbreaking Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, shot by the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, is not just a showcase of exquisite outerwear but also a testament to the strength and diversity of women. This powerful collaboration resonates far beyond the realm of fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the ongoing movement for women’s empowerment.

The Live in the Open Campaign: Canada Goose x Annie Leibovitz

Canada Goose’s “Live in the Open” campaign takes us on a journey to the rugged landscapes of New Mexico, where the beauty of nature blends with the individuality of three remarkable women. Sheila Atim, Sophie Darlington, and Kimberly Newell, each hailing from different domains—cinematography, performance, and sports—converge in this mesmerizing campaign. United by their unwavering pursuit of purpose and a shared passion for something greater, these women exemplify the essence of female empowerment.

The backdrop for this campaign holds a deeper significance.

The very same New Mexico landscapes that served as the canvas for the prolific artist Georgia O’Keeffe inspire this campaign. O’Keeffe, celebrated for her captivating paintings of natural forms, found solace and creativity in the heart of New Mexico for nearly four decades. Her deep connection with the land and nature serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring bond between women and the environment.

Annie Leibovitz’s Signature Style

Annie Leibovitz, known for her distinctive style and ability to tell compelling stories through her lens, brings her unique perspective to this campaign. Her trademark play on lighting, dramatic mood, and visual storytelling infuses every frame with a sense of authenticity and empowerment. Through her lens, we witness these three Canada Goose muses, clad in both the brand’s iconic pieces and their personal wardrobe choices, expressing their individuality as female leaders in their respective fields.

The Live in the Open Campaign: @Canada Goose x @Annie Leibovitz; Credit: Annie Leibovitz for Canada Goose (CNW Group/Canada Goose)

The women featured in the campaign each bring their own inspiring narratives.

Sheila Atim, a versatile talent with accolades in acting, music, writing, and composing, reflects on the power of the Earth’s forces and the humility they evoke. She emphasizes the idea that one’s impact on others may be different from what they imagine, underlining the importance of diverse representation.

Sophie Darlington, a multi-award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer, acknowledges the transformative shift in her industry. From being one of the few wildlife camerawomen to a growing representation of women in her field, she highlights the significance of “see her to be her.” Darlington’s journey embodies the importance of breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation.

Kimberly Newell, an Olympic ice hockey goalie, shares her unexpected path from Wall Street to professional sports and the Olympics. Her journey, deeply rooted in her heritage, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for young women who aspire to follow their dreams, even in unconventional fields.

This isn’t Annie Leibovitz’s first encounter with Canada Goose; she previously captured the brand’s Fall/Winter campaign in 2022.

Returning for a second partnership, she brings her unique vision to familiar territory. Her earlier connection with New Mexico, where she photographed Georgia O’Keeffe’s home, adds a layer of depth to this year’s campaign.

The Fall/Winter 2023 collection by Canada Goose reflects the raw beauty of New Mexico’s landscapes. With shades inspired by nature itself—Desert Sand, Limestone, and Sagebrush—alongside classic black, navy, and grey colorways, the collection seamlessly combines luxurious style with high-performance functionality.

Crafted with utmost precision, the collection offers streamlined silhouettes, tonal branding, and a modern, minimalistic aesthetic. From the ultra-luxe water-repellent Pima Cotton pieces to the recycled Lumina fabric used in the Rhoda Parka, the collection embodies the essence of empowerment and sustainability.

Empowerment, Warmth, and Style

In addition to outerwear, the collection introduces a range of knitwear crafted with 100% Cashmere Yarn. The inclusion of Alpaca Scarves, Cashmere Toques, Balaclavas, and Gloves adds warmth and style to the offerings, catering to the diverse needs of female consumers.

The Live in the Open Campaign: @Canada Goose x @Annie Leibovitz/ Credit: Annie Leibovitz for Canada Goose (CNW Group/Canada Goose)