‘Fragrances’: The first cocktail & perfume bar opened in Berlin

“The first bar dedicated to the art of cocktails in combination with the world of perfume and aromas”

Fifteen Ritz-Carlton Berlin’s cocktails are arranged as an exhibit with their ingredients and spirits on display in a new bar inspired by the world of haute parfumerie.

Based on fragrances and memories, the new drinks experience called ‘Fragrances’ is “the first bar dedicated to the art of cocktails in combination with the world of perfume and aromas.”

The concept was created by Ritz-Carlton Berlin’s bar manager Arnd Heissen and uses fragrances from L’Artisan Parfumeur, Annick Goutal, Salvatore Ferragamo and Giorgio Armani, to name just a few. The cocktails and perfumes are matched also with gourmet snaks. Vanilla and raspberries ‘Macaron Énorme‘ is paired with ‘Signorina’ cocktail inspired by a Salvatore Ferragamo fragrance of the same name.

“At Fragrances, we want our guests not only to enjoy their drinks, but to experience them,” explained Arnd Heissen. “In the choice of their favorite cocktails, our guests depend entirely on their senses. An experiment, which demands courage and curiosity on the art of the guests, but which at the same time can be unbelievably inspiring.”

Known as the ‘Cocktail Whisperer’, the 29-year-old Bar Manager is famous for his liquid alchemy and sublime creations based on the power of perfume.

For Heissen a cocktail is more than liquid refreshment. In all senses it represents an unforgettable experience. The renowned ‘Cocktail Whisperer’ uses fragrances to conjure up evocative associations in the minds of guests. “Certain aromas unlock unforgettable memories, atmospheres or feelings for every guest,” says Heissen. “It can be a childhood experience, a holiday by the sea or a romantic candlelight moment. I like to listen to what inspires guests, see the scents that move them and then infuse these elements into every individual drink I create.”