Revolutionizing Outdoor Cooking: The Ultimate Way to Elevate Your Meals and Gatherings

The new smart way to cook outdoors in the garden: A Design Icon, BBQ, Pizza Oven and Smoker.

This innovation in luxury outdoor cooking takes food and entertaining to a whole new level. Powered by charcoal: a sustainable biofuel. And made in Britain – in ten striking colours to live and cook all year round outdoors.

Charlie Charcoal Oven revolutionizes outdoor cooking with a multi-functional, luxury outdoor oven that combines design, beauty, and functionality. Inspired by the charcoal ovens used by professional kitchens, Charlie creates incredible flavors that take food and entertainment to the next level.

Made in Britain with steel and ceramic insulation, the oven is a purchase for life, designed to withstand any weather and provide year-round cooking for all occasions. With its larger cooking chamber and nine cooking positions, Charlie can cook a whole meal at once, from pizzas to BBQ grilling to smoking. Charlie’s efficiency saves on fuel, using around 45% less fuel than an open grill.

“Compared to other outdoor cooking devices, the Charlie Charcoal Oven’s larger cooking chamber is a unique feature that sets it apart. Many outdoor grills and ovens have limited cooking capacity, which can be frustrating for those who want to cook larger meals or experiment with new recipes.” – Charlie Charcoal Oven.

Plus, its ease of use and ability to elevate flavors make outdoor cooking brilliant and effortless for everyone. Say goodbye to standing over the BBQ or having multiple devices, and say hello to the new smart way to cook outdoors in the garden with Charlie Charcoal Oven.

@Charlie Charcoal Oven

@Charlie Charcoal Oven