Sailors And Eco-conscious Boaters Will Get The Absolute Most Out Of The new ePropulstion-Powered Catamaran

Integrating wind, solar and battery energy, this new electric Catamaran functions entirely on green and zero-emission propulsion.

Future or Reality? @FarEast Boats launches FarEast 42c, its first all-electric catamaran

FarEast Boats Launches EPropulsion-Powere Electric Catamaran at China (Shanghai) International Boat Show 2023.

ePropulsion, a market challenger in marine electric propulsion systems and services, and Fareast Boats, one of the biggest sailboat builders in China, have today announced the launch of a brand new electric catamaran, the FarEast 42c at this year’s China (Shanghai) International Boat Show.

The first all-electric catamaran developed by Fareast Boats and the first mass-produced catamaran powered by ePropulsion’s integrated propulsion system solution, the FarEast 42c combines speed with comfort to provide an excellent sailing capability. The catamaran was designed by Simonis Voogd Design, an internationally renowned boat design firm, and features a spacious living area. It adopts a streamlined design and uses extra-long, built-in plexiglass portholes to allow passengers to enjoy a 360° unobstructed view in the saloon and greater natural light in the cabin. The deck layout can be selected from a sports version or a charter version.

Equipped with ePropulsion’s battery, electric propulsion, and control and management systems solution, the catamaran boasts the advantages of all electric motors – quiet performance, zero-emission, and efficient propulsion. The catamaran measures 42 feet and is powered by a pair of ePropulsion 20 kW electric motors. The battery system uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, and up to four batteries can be connected, with a total capacity of 188.41 kWh. The maximum battery life can reach 20 hours, with a range of up to 100 nautical miles in pure electric propulsion mode. All batteries are equipped with an ePropulsion Battery Management System that can monitor the voltage and temperatures of individual batteries in realtime, as well as provide an automatic equalisation function.

In hydrogeneration mode, the vessel’s range can be greatly extended with power from motor regeneration fed back into batteries while sailing.

While pure electric propulsion mode is adopted, the speed can achieve eight knots and can be adjustable according to different battery levels. In certain wind conditions, electric propulsion works with sail propulsion to achieve a maximum speed of more than 10 knots. The Far East 42c catamaran comes equipped with a 20kW onboard battery charger and a portable 3kW battery charger to recharge the batteries, and its solar system provides complementary power to replenish the catamaran’s batteries.

The Far East 42c features an excellent human-machine interaction system (HMI) with a Smart Throttle and a Smart Display 5” that provides timely and precise control and information display. In addition, it enables boat owners and fleet managers to communicate with the system reliably and securely through ePropulsion’s cloud-based connectivity services. Boat owners can check everything from the location of the boat to battery level, speed and charging status, automatically generate sailing logs, and authorise guests to power on for easy boat sharing and remote monitoring.

“This catamaran serves not only as a wonderful vessel for sailing enthusiasts, but also as a significant milestone of our integrated system solution,” adds Danny Tao, Co-Founder and CEO of ePropulsion. “We have always prided ourselves on providing cutting-edge, quiet, clean, environmentally conscious propulsion, and this project furthers all of these goals. We look forward to collaborating on more projects like this in the immediate future.”

@FarEast Boats launches FarEast 42c, its first all-electric catamaran