Repossi celebrates 10 years with exclusive Berbere Chromatic Cities rings


@Repossi Berbere Chromatic Cities rings collection 2021

Timeless and graphic, these anniversary pieces from Repossi are for everyday wear.

Repossi, the Italian jewelry house, founded in 1920 in Turin by Gian Petro Repossi, continues to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of its iconic Berbere collection with seven exclusive Berbere Chromatic Cities rings, paying tribute to each city with which the House has developed a particular relationship with over the years – Monaco, Tokyo, Miami, Dubai, Paris, London, and New York.⁣

As with all Repossi creations, this line is a perfect fusion of modernity and heritage.

With a three-generation family heritage of creative talents, Repossi continually amazes, reinventing iconic jewelry classics under Gaia Repossi, who became Artistic Director in 2007. She appropriates the codes of traditional jewelry to propose a bold vision with architectural pieces executed with masterful craftsmanship. These new creations showcase Repossi’s signature floating diamonds and stacking.

This year Repossi is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Berbere collection, inspired by the multi-line patterns of Tuareg Berber tattoos. Timeless and graphic, these are pieces for everyday wear, welcoming three new intense lacquer colors – Navy, Nude and Red – that elevate the designs.

These exquisite designs are hand-crafted in Italy and reflect the jewelry-making excellence of Place Vendôme, embodying the creative universe of Artistic Director Gaia Repossi.

Repossi is also marking this 10th anniversary around the world with the Berbère Chromatic Cities collection, celebrating cities with which the Maison has had deep ties throughout its history with exclusive colors for each one: a match green for Tokyo, a coral pink for Miami, an aqua blue for Monaco, a malachite green for Dubai, a deep Bordeaux for Paris, a red with black gold for London and an electric blue for New York.

@Repossi Berbere Chromatic

“Miami reflects the pop, the fluo, the bright of the fun, immerged in a never-ending light. Like a dégrade of the perfect sunsets it has.” – Gaia Repossi⁣.

“The riviera past, the elegance of the old coast, and the shape of the historical Mediterranean pine trees shape the view of the vivid seashore like drawings in the lush botanical paysage.” – Gaia Repossi⁣.

“The green echoes the burst of bright red fit the traditional matcha, and the speed and modernity of a Tokyo always ahead, full of trends and modern places that combine tradition and perfectionism of craft, like the ring.” – Gaia Repossi⁣⁣.

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