Recaro Celebrates 60 Years of Seating Focus With Two World Premieres – Sport C and Podium GF

Almost 60 years ago, a new era began when Reutter Carosserie began to focus on the development of innovative car seats under the new name Recaro.

Since then, the brand has been synonymous with performance like no other: on the race track, on the road or at home. Recaro is celebrating the prelude to the upcoming anniversary during the Essen Motor Show 2022. At the booth, visitors can marvel at the world premiere of the new Sport C and the new Podium GF. In addition, there will be fascinating highlights from the extensive seat portfolio, sleek outfits and accessories from the lifestyle collection, and exciting panel talks with featured guests from the scene.

What would the automotive world look like without Recaro? One thing’s for sure: less exciting, less fascinating, and less comfortable.

Thankfully, this remains a thought experiment, because in 1963 the Stuttgart-based company Reutter Carosserie began focusing on its current core segment. Since then, seats from Recaro have always set new standards in dynamics, safety, quality and comfort.

“At Recaro, we write performance in all caps. The concept permeates everything we do. It’s what our heart – and that of our fans – has been beating for under the Recaro name for nearly six decades now,” says Ulrich J. Severin, Managing Director of Recaro Automotive and Vice President Europe. “So it’s only fitting that we pull out all the stops at Essen, with exciting news and special promotions.”

Recaro is celebrating the upcoming anniversary with, among other things, the new Sport C. This new seat continues the tradition that began in 1965 with the “Sportsitz”. Like its predecessor, it is a genuine market revolution. The Sport C is the first aftermarket sport seat with a fully electric 8-way mechanism. It thus skilfully bridges the gap between comfort and performance requirements.

The premium seat manufacturer, introduced cutting-edge new technology this Fall bolstering their position as industry-leader in revolutionary seating technology.

@Recaro at @Essen Motor Show 2022

RECARO Automotive ORV Ultra Seat

RECARO is bringing the latest sustainability-focused product to SEMA 2022. The RECARO ORV Ultra is a pioneering first step in bringing a carbon neutral approach to offroad racing shells by introducing RCF (recycled carbon fiber) Infusion technology paired with production localization.

Additional attributes include wider seat dimensions to support the off-road driver feedback, high-wear weather resistant Rhino Vinyl and RECARO ENRg+ foam. The RECARO ENRg+ foam ensures energy from high vertical impacts dissipates horizontally through the seat, prohibiting the impact from traveling through the occupant’s body.

RECARO Core Structure

Safety is always top priority. Therefore, RECARO took the top specifications from every OEM and put the core structure to the test to ensure it could meet or exceed them all. The modular design allows customization and style changes without impacting the tested core parts.

@Recaro at @Essen Motor Show 2022

RECARO Lifestyle Swivel Chairs

From the road to the workplace, RECARO Automotive is highlighting their lifestyle seating as they continue to expand their line with new product offerings. Come take a seat in the RECARO lifestyle swivel chair, in fan-favorite classic design patterns, such as famous patterns checkered and pepita.

The swivel chairs are manufactured with the greatest craftsmanship one expects from the premium brand and guarantees the very same feeling you’d expect when sitting in a RECARO seat.

RECARO Pro SIM Star Seat

Recaro Automotive is taking gaming to a new level with the Pro SIM Star seat. Gaming enthusiasts can elevate their play with this SIM seat‘s true-feel handling performance, holding the player ergonomically in place without flex for maximum player focus.

RECARO Lifestyle Line

RECARO Automotive has responded to the call from fans with an expanded merchandise line offering new products featuring the Race and Classic designs. The Race line, with classic black and red color design, inspires racing when off the track. The Classic line is for those who appreciate some of RECARO’s most iconic seats patterns. With a wide array of products in the famous checkered and pepita prints, RECARO Automotive merchandise line has something for every RECARO fan.

RECARO Authenticity

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, only RECARO Automotive genuine products provide the safety, comfort and quality that RECARO’s discerning customers expect from the premium brand.

To ensure customers are buying authentic RECARO Automotive products, the brand is launching the RECARO Owner’s Club. Expected in late 2023, new RECARO Automotive aftermarket seats will come with a hologram label and registration process which authenticates the seat while awarding customer access to the world of RECARO Automotive.