Projecting Your Image: Finding a Look that’s Perfectly You


One of the primary goals, when you enter the fashion world, is to find a look you can call your own. While it’s a lot of fun to support other influencers and fashion designers by wearing their outfits and following their advice, there always comes a time when you start to look inward and ask yourself what you really want out of fashion.

Projecting your image is a big deal, and there are plenty of ways you can get the job done. The best part is you can take your time, and you don’t have to suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) by following various trends. Here are some of the best ways to find a look that’s perfectly you!

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1. The best thing you can do with your wardrobe

Want to project your image? Not everyone might have noticed, but you have a lifetime of experiences collected in your wardrobe. It helps to figure out your fashion identity by simply looking at all the things you’ve purchased throughout the years and asking yourself why you went through the effort. Perhaps at that time, you might have been influenced by a specific trend, though you likely wouldn’t have done so if you didn’t think it looked good on you.

Remembering what you felt about the individual articles of clothing in your wardrobe when you purchased them is a surprisingly insightful way to figure out your preferences. Even if you hadn’t put much thought into it before, there’s no time like the present to figure things out through your wardrobe.

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2. Thinking outside the box, while still within your preferences

Thinking outside the box is experimenting with things you might not have considered before, but it doesn’t mean going for fashion outside of preferences. All it means is a bit more experimentation outside of your comfort zone. You can even ask family and friends about their personal tastes, and what they think might look best on you.

Keeping an open mind is essential, and there are fashion accessories that can help with that mindset. For example, you can visit if you want affordable rings or earrings that are unique and eye-catching. Who knows? You might end up with new favorites!

3. There’s nothing wrong with breaking the rules

Okay, there might be something wrong with breaking the rules when the law is involved, but that isn’t the case here. There are many fashion dos and don’ts, and the most important rule is that you can break every law in the fashion world. If it doesn’t sit well with you, there’s no reason to follow it. Who cares if you’re fond of a color combination that fashion gurus say isn’t great? It’s your identity, and that’s what matters the most.

Don’t be afraid to break a few rules when you want to project your self-image. Express yourself however you want — the crucial part is to enjoy yourself as much as you can!

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