Beauty news: From luxury masks, medical-grade skincare line, to a new formula that penetrates up to 15 surface layers deep

Meet your new go-to, all-in-one beauty innovations for incredible instant and overtime benefits.

The time of the day she’s at her worst? Late at night. If daily skin fluctuations are not tackled, visible skin problems in the long-term will be accelerated due to an accumulation of these daily fluctuating skin concerns.


Would you dare to be photographed at your worst moment? With PITERA Essence, you will. Witness the living proof of Crystal Clear Skin, even when it’s meant to be your worst moment, through SK-II’s boldest PITERA™ stress test yet.

“Late Night Portraits” is SK-II’s latest feat to showcase the power of its exclusive and iconic PITERA and PITERA Essence.

At the heart of SK-II, PITERA is a naturally derived skincare ingredient crafted from a proprietary yeast fermentation process that is exclusive to SK-II. PITERA Essence is SK-II’s signature and most awarded best-seller globally. Containing over 90% PITERA™, it is nicknamed “Miracle Water” by millions of women from around the world for transforming skin to Crystal Clear Skin. Every 3 seconds, 1 bottle of PITERA™ Essence is sold in the world.

The “Late Night Portraits” campaign features a series of stunning photographs starring SK-II’s beloved brand ambassadors including MINA of global girl group TWICE, Japanese actress Ayaka Miyoshi, Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe as well as SK-II’s longest-standing brand ambassador, Japanese actress Kaori Momoi, all courageously captured at their worst moment.

In this bold stress-test, celebrities had their skin prepped with nothing but PITERA™ for the shoot and were photographed bare skinned.

@Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap


French luxury skincare brand Clarins has joined forces with beauty expert Kathleen Jennings to officially declare July 16th, National Day of Masking. The holiday will serve as a source of inspiration that celebrates and encourages the act of normalizing self-care by wearing your skincare mask of choice—mark the holiday by sharing your favorite skincare mask.

As a former attorney and a mother of three, Texas-based beauty guru Kathleen Jennings has asserted her expertise and know-how within the vast world of beauty and all-things skincare. Having cultivated a loyal online presence and social following, the skincare enthusiast and face mask aficionado has amassed an engaged beauty community. Daily she provides in-depth product reviews, tutorials, and promotions by offering an honest, unfiltered approach to beauty and skincare.

Jennings’ “Holy Grail” beauty product is the Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap (better known as the Clarins Depuffing Mask to her online community), praising it’s incredible facial depuffing effect. “Whenever I find a product like the Clarins Depuffing Mask, and it actually delivers on its claims, it’s like hallelujah! I want to make it a point to share it with the rest of the beauty and skincare world,” says Jennings. This award-winning mask is instantly recognizable on social media due to the cream-mousse mask’s beard-like appearance which targets key depuffing zones below the eyes and above the neck to combat skin issues brought on by stress, heat, and hormonal changes. This innovative plant-based formula includes Beautyberry & Ginger extracts as well as Horse Chestnut Escin, relieves puffiness and visibly refine facial features, and Lady’s Mantle and Alchemilla extracts promote a radiant, even skin tone.

The social media facial de-puffing movement—spearheaded by Jennings—has transformed the Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap into a top seller for the brand, and is its #1 seller at Sephora.

@Banana Bright+ Eye Crème by @OLEHENRIKSEN

OLEHENRIKSEN Launches New and Upgraded Banana Bright+ Eye Crème

Inspired by the makeup artist must-have, banana powder, and their original Banana Bright Eye Crème, OLEHENRIKSEN introduces the NEW powerhouse BANANA BRIGHT+ EYE CRÈME to deliver even better results—including instant AND all-day brightening, a visible boost in skin elasticity, increased hydration by 70%* and improved concealer wear. OLEHENRIKEN sought new advances in vitamin C technology and updated the formula to help deliver better AND brighter results. The new vegan and fragrance-free formula is made with 3 powerhouse forms of vitamin C, including a highly stable vitamin C complex with REAL gold for enhanced brightening and elasticity.

@Kiehl’s Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum

Kiehl’s new Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum accelerates skin renewal with visible results in 5 days

For the consumer seeking a quick, visible reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and deep wrinkles, Kiehl’s introduces new Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum—a clinically tested formula that penetrates up to 15 surface layers deep to begin accelerating skin surface turnover, visibly improving skin’s appearance in as early as 5 days.

Regarded by dermatologists as one of the most researched and highly efficacious anti-aging ingredients in skincare, retinol is widely recognized for its proven ability to help visibly diminish wrinkles and firm skin’s appearance. Unlike many over-the-counter retinol formulations, which can take several weeks or even months to start seeing improvements, Kiehl’s newest skincare innovation prioritizes speedy results. The cutting-edge ‘fast-release’ delivery system deposits a high concentration of pure retinol powder into the ultra-lightweight serum base creating a fast acting 0.3% pure retinol serum that penetrates up to 15 skin surface layers. This process accelerates skin renewal and rapidly brings fresh new skin cells to the surface for a more revitalized, youthful-looking complexion.

Kiehl’s Retinol Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum is recommended for nightly use on skin that is already acclimated to retinol. Apply after cleansing and follow with a moisturizer. To help protect visible results, apply sunscreen during the day.

@ Ferragamo Bright Leather Eau de Toilette


Salvatore Ferragamo introduces the new fragrance for men Ferragamo Bright Leather. According to Ferragamo luxury house,  this new essential scent was created for a confident man who always expresses his individuality, taking part in changing times.

The new Ferragamo Bright Leather. Eau de Toilette projects the fragrance towards a cheerful and empowering interpretation of modern masculinity, where inspiration leads to action, and action leads to achieving every objective while embracing the beauty of the world, showing his true self with no filters, no stereotypes, and no distinctions.

Created in collaboration with senior perfumer Antoine Maisondieu (Givaudan), Ferragamo Bright Leather is a woody aromatic leathery Eau de Toilette that reinterprets the iconic fragrance fusing powerful natural tones and visionary bright hues. A fresh mix of Citrus nuances first captures the senses featuring the bittersweet notes of Bergamot, the zesty touch of Mandarin and the tangy, uplifting hint of Grapefruit. At the heart of the fragrance, the herbal greenness of Basil intertwines with the aromatic soul of Rosemary to then surrender to the warm sophistication of the soft leather exclusive accord, evoking the House’s unique artisan heritage. Then sophisticated tones of Cedarwood and earthy shades of Patchouli and Musk enrich the dreamy journey adding even more sensuality and distinction to this vibrant composition.

@MODAMODA wins 2022 ‘Cosmoprof Award’

Korean beauty company wins big at the biggest cosmetics trade show in North America

MODAMODA Captures the ‘Cosmoprof Award’ – the World’s Most Prestigious Beauty Award. MODAMODA is standing tall as the winner of the ‘Cosmoprof North America Award 2022’ held in Las Vegas in the US. The biocosmetics company had come top in the hair category of the Cosmoprof North America Award.

@Dr. Simran Sethi

Melanated skin expert, Dr. Simran Sethi (Seh-tee), launches her new medical-grade skincare line, Skin by Dr. Simran Sethi, which is now available online and in her RenewMD Beauty and Wellness Spa locations.

Simran Sethi, MD, has 17+ years of clinical skin care experience with melanated skin tones, and as a result, Skin by Dr. Simran Sethi was born. Each product is clinically and medically proven to promote an optimal skin renewal cycle for darker skin tones, a medical and aesthetic philosophy Dr. Sethi uses to heal and repair hyperpigmentation, scarring, acne, environmental damage, and inflammation

Skin by Dr. Simran Sethi consists of four skin systems: Hydration, Acne, Brightening, and Signature, which were curated to target specific skin concerns, and when used together on a regular basis, yield consistent results.

The Acne System is non-drying, gentle and addresses persistent acne production, acne scarring and dark spots, leaving the skin clear, restored and smooth. The Hydration System is deeply nourishing, non-greasy, and creates a strong barrier from the environment, and a true, long-lasting glow. The Brightening System renews, rejuvenates and repairs uneven skin tone, dark spots and overall dullness, resulting in balanced and radiant skin. The Signature System is the all-encompassing, built-in routine that creates and maintains long term luminous skin. This system contains all the key products to support any skin concern that may occur overtime, based on your lifestyle, environment, age, and more.

@Lancôme announce this year’s winners of its Write Her Future Scholarship Fund,


Lancôme announce this year’s winners of its Write Her Future Scholarship Fund, who received their grants during the NAACP’s ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics) National Competition and Ceremonies during its annual National Convention on July 18. Lancôme and Lupita Nyong’o announced the NAACP partnership in September 2021, to help bring equity to education and encourage career development in the United States. Today’s ceremony represented the culmination of the first year of the partnership, for which the brand has pledged to donate $2 million by 2025. The scholarships awarded this year will provide the students with the opportunity to further their development in areas ranging from STEM, business management, marketing, and writing.