Pitti Bimbo 2016: headpieces beyond the common idea of hat

Francesco Ballestrazzi  Hats for Kids

With a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, in 2011 Francesco Ballestrazzi launched his line of head pieces, hand-made creative hats that are hugely popular with the press and international buyers. Every piece is hand made by Francesco Ballestrazzi himself, and he is always using antique techniques of the Italian tradition of millinery, as well as new and unique proceedings he invents himself. He uses the spherical shape of the head as a white canvas on which he builds a representation of the ideas a head can contain.

For the Autumn-Winter 2016 season, he debuted at Kid’s Evolution with his Kids capsule. With his Fall Winter 2016-2017 collection at ‪‎Pitti Bimbo 2016‬, the designer narrates “Alice in Wonderland” by Louis Carol: every single little hat represents a character or a specific moment in the story, with red roses, hearts and white rabbits and even tea with the Mad Hatter.

Francesco Ballestrazzi produces also a capsule collection of customized baseball hats, intended for a larger audience, which can
appreciate artisanal details in everyday hats, embellished with artistic and precious decorations.

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