Personalized beauty: How the Skin Visualizer works



This new Skin Visualizer instantly measures the current condition of beauty circulation.

Shiseido‘s new Skin Visualizer instantly measures and visualizes the current condition of beauty circulation.

Skin Visualizer is the latest consumer-facing technology advancement from SHISEIDO. Inspired by SHISEIDO’s focus on increasing the vitality of every person’s skin, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or skin type. Once it measures and images the condition of beauty circulation in an individual’s skin, personalized beauty advice is provided.

Developed through many years of research by Shiseido, the device is designed to help bring beauty out from the skin’s foundation, rather than merely solving problems on the surface. Because it requires no physical contact to produce its visualizations, the user experience provides a sense of safety and peace of mind.

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How the Skin Visualizer works

The Skin Visualizer calculates the skin’s condition as it measures beauty circulation inside the skin and on its surface. The process is effective for anyone, regardless of gender, skin color or skin type. With no need for removing makeup and with no actual physical contact, it measures skin’s radiance, smoothness, and resilience.

A SHISEIDO beauty professional then recommends products based on the measurements, the skin condition, and the customer’s skin concerns. Using the Skin Visualizer as a tool, customers receive highly individualized information on how they personally can achieve their healthy vibrant skin.


A survey conducted by SHISEIDO in 2019 revealed that people around the world describe ideal skin as “healthy vibrant skin. The Skin Visualizer measures the skin conditions that contribute to this ideal and indicates the level of each condition as part of a total Ultimate Triangle Score. The balance of the three major indicators (radiance, resilience and suppleness, and fine skin texture and smoothness of the skin) is presented in the form of a triangular graph. Data derived from a photo of the customer’s skin shows its skin’s level of beauty circulation.


Shiseido Independently Develops Two Types of Devices that Realize Highly Accurate Tactile Evaluation

Shiseido has developed two types of tactile evaluation device, Vibration Friction Sensor and Contact Force Sensor, through joint research with Tokyo Metropolitan University. Previously, it was thought to be difficult for a third party to understand the tactile sensation that a consumer may experience.