Personalised, advanced skin engineering: By Dr. Vali New Breed Skincare Technology announces global debut

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This superstar skin tool can be used to stimulate lymphatic drainage with the depuffing protocol, improves circulation in the outer layers of the skin with the radiance setting and lifts and tightens from the deep muscle layers.


Dr. Vali is the world-leading cosmetic dermatologist committed to redefining the science of beauty through medical expertise and future-facing innovation. A long-term partnership between Selfridges and Dr. Vali began in November. The global debut of Cutis By Dr. Vali, the ultimate micro-contouring tool [£525], brings patented technology and clinical results to the comfort of users’ homes, without the downtime. The steel and medical grade composite Cutis will be the most powerful sculpting tool available, delivering up to 14,400 oscillations per minute.

In February 2022, Dr. Vali will launch a By Dr. Vali destination at Selfridges, Oxford Street, offering a bespoke menu of treatments to optimise medical wellness and state of mind as well as personalised, advanced skin engineering – from biohacking to functional optimization . An edit of medical grade By Dr. Vali skincare products, developed, tried and tested by Dr. Vali and her team of experts will also be available to purchase for the first time. Twice medically board certified dermatologist at King’s College London & UCLA Dr. Vali spent two decades diligently researching before even considering a beauty venture this attitude – an uncompromising demand for innovation and performance – extends to everything the By Dr Vali brand does.

The completion of numerous fellowships with global leaders of distinguished clinics – from Los Angeles, South Africa to the Middle East- allowed Dr. Vali to learn and perfect some of the most ground-breaking practices worldwide this gained global recognition of her exceptional talent.

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Discreet, intuitive service, game-changing tools and advanced skin science meet Dr. Vali’s irrepressible, unmistakeable Superstar attitude:

“With over two decades at the forefront of the medical aesthetic and wellness industry, it was a natural evolution for me to curate an accessible product allowing a global audience to experience my protocols. My adaptive skincare and skin-tech device combines medical science and my own unique approach to the ‘1mm face’.

With arguably the most perceptive and forward-thinking consumer base, this exciting partnership was flawlessly aligned allowing me the opportunity to educate and engage Selfridges uniquely discerning and progressive audience.” she says of the partnership.

“As we continue to explore the future of beauty, Dr. Vali is our partner of choice to help our customers continue to think about beauty differently. The launch of the Cutis By Dr. Vali will be the first opportunity for Selfridges customers to experience the power of intelligent, science-based solutions designed to deliver in-clinic results at home.” says Selfridges Head of Beauty, Melissa McGinnis.

@Cutis By Dr. Vali @Selfridges

Offering the industry one of the most advanced devices, Cutis has five settings, custom Trans-Anatomical (T-A) Oscillations™ allowing for a combined power of up to 14,400 oscillations per minute, operating across five game-changing protocols; Depuffing, Radiance, Lifting and Tightening, Tension Relief and micro-Contouring, Cutis works across the five anatomical planes to deliver a legendary canvas.

The tension relief setting delivers high powered oscillations penetrating all anatomical layers of the face, working to reduce tension at the muscle insertion points. The principle ‘micro-contouring’ setting delivers Dr . Vali’s coveted technique for tightening, defining and contouring the jawline, cheekbones and brows with a supercharged oscillation and pulsation setting with. Combining the latest design innovation, Cutis brings in-clinic results to the comfort of your own home.

@Cutis By Dr. Vali @Selfridges

@Cutis By Dr. Vali @Selfridges