Perfecting your fashion sense with these timeless tips

Just look – the world of fashion in all its glimmering glory, like a diamond that everyone’s desperate to buy. Indeed, if you’re into style then the annual clothing extravaganzas at the Paris or London Fashion Weeks are the focal points of the year.

But, if you’re after the finest in trends, we’ve got a tip for you – the classic stuff works just as well as the new kids on the block.

That’s right, while there might be host of new trends to look out for this summer, the real style is the one that never ages. So, have a look at these tips to perfect a look that’s never past its sell by date.

Get some minerals

Minerals have helped us in all manner of ways through the centuries, and now that they’re in our cosmetics they’re more helpful than ever.

The wonder of mineral foundation has been the talk of the fashion world recently. And, as companies perfect their formula, this futureof cosmetics is breaking into the mainstream.

Mineral foundations have the benefit of giving your face a more subtle look. Rather than looking like the type of makeup that you’d need a paint scraper to remove, mineral formulas are discreet, toning your face in an indisputably elegant way.

Stay classy

Right, let’s be the first ones to say it – some fashion designs look nuts. They’re absolutely mad, these designers, and although they look great on a catwalk, some styles are far too barmy to be worn on a night out or at a dinner party.

No, the real key to style is to go for understated elegance every time. Minimalistic black and white tones should keep you in good stead at any function, allowing you to look sparkling and elegant without looking mad.

Add the personal touch

Take a look at world-famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood – with her homespun styles and collection of inspired fabrics, she’s managed to make a career out of her passion. What strikes you most about her is that every one of her designs exudes her personality.

It’s a method that you should take on board yourself. Not by buying Westwood’s style, but by trying your hand at design. Whether you’re altering a dress you bought from the high street or putting together a load of fabrics to create something truly unique, you’ll know that your style is your own.

After all, if Westwood’s taught us anything, it’s that the best look is the personal one.