Organic Harmony – the only sound sculture in the world

  • Organic Harmony – the only sound sculture in the world
  • Organic Harmony Musical Sculptures

The Organic Harmony is the only sound sculture in the world – a premium speaker and luxury sound system, as well as a masterpiece of art. 

Luciano Pasquariello, creator of Shape Audio and Organic Harmony speakers believes that this rare collectibles with mythical references are known to connoisseurs, but owned by even fewer.

The Organic Harmony sound sculptures are being cast in bronze, silver and gold-metals bearing excellent properties to award the listener with a paradigm of sound. As an object, these sculptures are alluring to both vision and touch. 

Beautifully polished by hand to a stunning, deep luster, the Organic Harmony in Bronze are made in a limited edition of 99 unique pieces. 

The Organic Harmony in Silver is one of the largest solid silver objects ever made, produces in an extremly limited edition of only five unique pieces. 

Gold – forever mythical and sought after – valued as much for its qualities as its beauty. The breathtaking piece is the world’s largest object of its kind, made of solid 18 karat gold.

“99.95 % of all speakers are passive, which means that you at least need to add amplifiers. If you want to optimize sound quality and make it accessible for streaming media, you need a whole range of extra boxes and cables. This is not the case with the Organic Harmony,” said Luciano Pasquariello.