Ocea Nemo 44 Sport Utility Yacht to fulfil a growing demand of a brand-new superyacht class

Ocea Yacht Nemo 44-

Aldo Manna, the developer of Ocea Nemo 44 yacht, conceived the Project as the very first Sport Utility Yacht and delivered this brand-new idea, to Naval Architect Fulvio de Simoni, who was capable to convert the Nemo 44 concept into plans. Finally, a boat is combining “five stars” luxury sailing with the entertaining of life on the sea, when destinations are reached.

Ocea Nemo 44 will fulfil the expanding demand of a brand-new superyacht class, that can be compared to SUVs and has been combined by the yacht’s creators into “Sport Utility Yacht” concept; in other words an all-around seafarer boat, able to sail in deep waters with comforts and luxury, but still in extensive and close touch with water and sea-life. Expect dedicated areas for all kind of water-toys and equipment needed for relaxing and fun.

“The goal was providing the most discerning owner on his yacht anchored in a splendid bay, with everything he might wish, like a super-tender, able to bring him and his guests, fast and cushy, wherever they want, for a day ride or a night stay in the
neighbourhood, giving them the opportunity to sail on a day-cruiser in a windy day either, or fishing on an real outfitted
Walkaround,” explained Aldo Manna, Founder and CEO MC Yacht & Co. International, project Ocea Nemo 44 creator.

Ocea Yacht Nemo 44--transom Ocea Yacht Nemo 44--

Ocea Nemo 44 has been conceived and designed, in order to outfit a full beam water-line garage, where an up to 8 metres length super-tender can be stowed (biggest tender on a 44 metres length yacht), able to commute guests from boat to harbour, which can be used as a day-cruiser either, together with a 5 metres crew-tender, a wakeboard runabout, wave-runners and an extensive selection of water toys, which are a must-have during sunny days on anchor.

“On the Raised-Deck, in-between main and upper decks, you can have in the meantime a 40 knots-speed Walk-around, a sailing Day- Cruiser, or a deep-sea Submarine. As far as outdoor layouts, we aimed to offer the best in terms of good life on board, starting from a 25 square metres Beach-Club that, together with above mentioned raised and upper decks, bring open-air living areas, to a remarkable 300 square metres,” commented naval architect Fulvio de Simoni.

For all those owners less sporty and more devoted to glamour, a sea or fresh water 20 square metres swimming pool, can be placed on demand onto Raised-Deck, while on Main-Deck, MC Yacht & Co. designed an unique 30 square metres “Veranda”, breezy and protected equally, which is a one of a kind and easily accessible in just 5 stairs, both from raised and upper deck.

“Big volumes and stowing areas, allow to keep on board a drop keel sailboat, a Moth-Sail and a huge quantity of floating devices, as sups, kayaks, kite-boards, seabobs, jet-boards and all kind of “Over the Railing” you may wish (climbing-walls, sea-pools, sliders, etc.).A distinctive feature of this project and, quite uncommon on superyachts, is we managed to reduce dramatically big stairs for connecting decks,” added de Simoni.

Ocea Nemo 44 Concept has now entered the details stage, with Technical Drawings almost ready.

Ocea Yacht Nemo 44