Notre-Dame de Paris, the Experience: Are you ready to plunge into a virtual immersion?

Notre-Dame de Paris, the Experience; @L’Oreal Grout x @Histovery


Notre-Dame de Paris, the Experience”, will offer a virtual tour of the history of the beauty of this cathedral thanks to Histopad Augmented Reality technology. This collaboration with L’Oréal, Histovery and World Expo Dubai will allow you and visitors from all over the world to discover the behind the scenes of this iconic monument, part of a @unescoworldheritage site in October 2021.

L’Oréal and Histovery put Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral in the spotlight in the France Pavilion at Dubai World Expo 2022. Visitors will now be able to experience Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral restoration site from the inside.

Thanks to Histovery’s expertise, visitors will now be able to experience the cathedral’s restoration site from the
inside and discover the expertise and skills of the different trades that have come together.

At the upcoming World Expo in Dubai, L’Oréal will present “Notre-Dame de Paris, the Experience”, a virtual
immersion in the history of the cathedral produced by French start-up Histovery, from October 1st to November 1 st
2021. The presentation prefigures the augmented exhibition “Notre-Dame de Paris” scheduled to take place in Paris
in spring 2022.

As a donor for the rebuilding of the cathedral and an Expo 2020 Dubai partner, L’Oréal was keen to share the
exhibition in the France Pavilion to plunge visitors from all over the world into the history of Notre-Dame de Paris,
part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Using the HistoPad augmented reality technology developed by Histovery, which creates immersive, interactive
reconstructions, visitors equipped with tablets will be able to go back in time and see the cathedral being built in the
Middle Ages. They will also be able to witness the coronation of Emperor Napoleon I, see the Viollet-le-Duc spire
being erected and take a look at the operation designed to safeguard the structure since the fire, prior to the start of
the reconstruction.

“Notre-Dame de Paris, the Experience”, sponsored exclusively by L’Oréal, will take place throughout October 2021
in the France Pavilion.

It will prefigure the augmented exhibition “Notre-Dame de Paris” which will take place at the Collège des Bernardins
in Paris in spring 2022. This larger exhibition will take visitors on a journey back through the cathedral’s 850-year
history. It is expected to tour Europe, the Americas and Asia while the reconstruction continues.

“Notre-Dame de Paris the Experience” as well as the exhibition « Notre-Dame de Paris » will be realised in collaboration with l’Établissement public chargé de la conservation et de la restauration de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (Public Institution responsible for the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris).

 “L’Oréal is proud to support this project dedicated to Notre-Dame and created by Histovery. The terrible fire that struck the cathedral shocked and saddened people all over the world. This exhibition will be an opportunity to tell the story of this World Heritage treasure through an innovative and engaging interpretive experience.” – Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal.

L’Oréal will also contribute to the French Pavilion in February 2022 by hosting the media and VIP area for the
UNESCO L’Oréal Foundation For Women in Science awards honouring women scientists in the Middle East, and by
coordinating one of the Pavilion’s themes: “Women: achieving gender equality” between 4 and 17 March 2022.