The Nordic Countries Have Once Again Proven Their Gastronomic Prowess.  Meet The Best Restaurants in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

When it Comes to Sustainabile Gastronomy, Restaurants in the Nordic Countries are true leaders. Meet The Best Restaurants in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Nordic Countries Represent Once Again One of the world’s most influential Gastronomic Regions. Koan Restaurant on Instagram

As you embark on your Nordic gastronomic adventure, prepare to be dazzled by the culinary gems tucked away in this influential region.

Calling all food enthusiasts and culinary adventurers! The Nordic countries have once again proven their gastronomic prowess, as the prestigious Michelin Guide unveiled its selection for the Nordic Countries 2023. With new Michelin stars sparkling like culinary constellations, it’s time to embark on a culinary journey through Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Brace yourselves for a fusion of traditional Nordic flavors and innovative techniques, all served with a generous side of breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality.

Two Shining Stars Illuminate the Nordic Skies

In Copenhagen, Denmark, the enchanting Koan Restaurant has captured the attention of the Michelin Guide inspectors, earning two Michelin stars right off the bat. Led by Korean-born chef-owner Kristian Baumann, Koan crafts exquisite dishes that showcase subtle Korean influences. Every element on the plate has a purpose, and the creativity and precision are truly commendable.

Across the Baltic Sea in Stockholm, Sweden, AIRA Restaurant has also been awarded two Michelin stars. Situated by the water, this delightful establishment exudes sophistication at every turn. AIRA’s dishes, such as the quenelle with scallops or charcoal-grilled quail, are a testament to the chef’s skill and the use of supreme ingredients. With these additions, the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries now recommends 14 two-starred restaurants that are undoubtedly worth a detour.

A Constellation of New One-Star Wonders

Norway has every reason to celebrate, with six new one-Michelin-starred restaurants joining the ranks this year. Five of these delightful establishments are located in Oslo. À L’aise, a place of elegance, dazzles with sumptuous French dishes crafted from Norwegian produce. Mon Oncle masters classic Gallic cuisine with unparalleled expertise, while Stallen surprises diners with a garden-to-table menu within a former stable block. Sushi aficionados will be delighted by Sabi Omakase Oslo’s traditional sushi skills displayed at their intimate 12-seat counter. Meanwhile, SAVAGE, nestled inside a hotel, entices with a menu blending flavors from around the world. Moving outside of Oslo, K2 in Stavanger is a charming, personally run restaurant focused on prime local produce.

Denmark welcomes five new one-star restaurants, each with its own unique charm. Villa Vest in Lønstrup not only offers striking views from its cliffside location but also serves up superlative dishes that delight the senses. In Odense, the unassuming ARO Restaurant may be challenging to find without signs, but the effort is rewarded with a very likable dining experience. Domæne in Herning proves that with the right people, a successful restaurant can flourish anywhere, adding creativity to a back-to-nature approach. Tri, located in the coastal town of Agger, captivates guests with a wood and glass structure and a story behind each dish. Grand Royal in Vejle underwent a menu concept change and a more casual look, but its commitment to high-quality cooking remains the same.

Finland enters the one-Michelin-star stage with VÅR, housed in a restored villa in Porvoo that was once a chocolate factory. The chef’s close relationship with local farmers, fishermen, hunters, and producers is evident in the beautifully crafted dishes that grace the elegant tables.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon in Grindavík is known as one of the country’s biggest attractions, and now its restaurant Moss has also secured a Michelin star, inviting guests to an unforgettable dining experience.

In Sweden, the shores of Landvettersjön lake in Mölnlycke provide a picturesque setting for Signum. The kitchen delivers dishes full of depth and sophistication, pleasing both the eye and the palate.

With these new additions, the Nordic region boasts a total of 63 restaurants recommended with one Michelin star, showcasing the exceptional culinary talent found across the region.

Green Stars Shine Brightly on the Sustainable Culinary Scene

The Nordic countries have long been hailed as leaders in sustainability practices, and this year’s Michelin Guide reaffirms their dedication. Seven restaurants have been awarded a Michelin Green Star for their commitment to a more sustainable ethos, bringing the total number of Green Stars in the Nordic countries to an impressive 39.

Among the recipients, Bistro Lupa, Kadeau Copenhagen, Kadeau Bornholm, and NOVEL in Denmark showcase their dedication to sustainability in every aspect of their operations. K2 in Stavanger, Norway, takes pride in its focus on prime local produce, while JORD in Linköping, Sweden, showcases a sustainable approach to gastronomy. VÅR in Porvoo, Finland, completes the constellation of Green Stars, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability through the chef’s close collaboration with local producers.

Koan Restaurant on Instagram


Michelin Special Awards: Celebrating Culinary Excellence

In addition to the coveted Michelin stars, the guide also recognizes talented professionals who elevate the gastronomic experience. This year, the Michelin Young Chef Award goes to Jalmari Kunnas from Demo restaurant in Helsinki. Jalmari, at a relatively young age, manages the kitchen with great skill and passion, ensuring the restaurant’s continued Michelin star status.

The Michelin Service Award recipient is Mia Kondrup, who leads the service at À L’aise restaurant in Oslo. The inspectors were particularly impressed by the passion of the service team and how well they work together to enhance the diners’ experience.

Emma Ziemann from ÄNG restaurant in Sweden is the winner of the Michelin Sommelier Award. Her easy-going manner and impressive wine pairings, ranging from Jura wines to local apple ice wine, make her a true asset to the restaurant.

Bib Gourmands: Good Food at Moderate Prices

The Michelin Guide also recognizes establishments that offer exceptional food at moderate prices. Seven restaurants have been newly awarded a Bib Gourmand, with varied and diverse options to satisfy every palate. Among them, juju, a contemporary Korean restaurant in Copenhagen, and Triton, a neighborhood gem in Stockholm with a great value set menu, stand out as culinary delights.

Prepare for Your Nordic Gastronomic Adventure

The full selection of the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2023 can be found on the official Michelin Guide website and app. Whether you’re seeking high-end luxury or a cozy retreat, the Michelin Guide’s selection of hotels in the Nordic countries has you covered. From sustainability pioneers like the Walaker in Norway to architectural marvels like ION Adventure and UMI Hotel in Iceland, each hotel is chosen for its extraordinary style, service, and personality. Book your stay directly through the Michelin Guide website and app and savor not only the exceptional cuisine but also the remarkable accommodations these countries have to offer.