No Airport Necessary: Icon A5 Aircraft is unlocking what was believed to be unattainable adventures



Icon A5 on water

The A5 Aircraft by California-based ICON Aircraft is the ultimate getaway vehicle. This technologically advanced aircraft makes the adventure of flying more accessible to mainstream consumers.

The amphibious sport plane from Icon Aircraft wants to redefine what it means to be a pilot and expand the bounds of personal aviation. The A5 is the world’s first production aircraft that is spin-resistant, making it arguably one of the safest small aircraft ever created, say its creators. The A5 has won some of the world’s most prestigious design awards and has inspired a global following. The A5 requires only a sport pilot license to fly, which takes about half as long as a private pilot license to earn.

A plane that is introducing adventure flying and personal aviation to customers who until now had likely never considered becoming pilots.

The amphibious ICON A5 has been named the 2018 Light Sport Aircraft of the Year by, a leading online aircraft sales platform. This recognition was based on the A5’s innovative safety features, leading-edge design characteristics, and enjoyable in-flight experience.

Icon A5 Aircraft -05

Icon A5 Aircraft -02-on the road

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The team rigorously assessed all aircraft models and types to determine the 2018 category winners. Ultimately, judges praised ICON for its commitment to safety and design, specifically noting the A5’s Angle of Attack (AoA) indicator, ICON Parachute System (IPS), and Spin-Resistant Airframe (SRA). They also lauded the plane’s versatility with its amphibious capabilities, foldable wings, and ability to be easily loaded onto a trailer and transported off airport.

“We’re honored to have the A5 recognized as the Light Sport Aircraft of the Year,” said David Crook, EVP of Revenue at ICON Aircraft. “It’s a testament to where we are as a company and what it’s taken to get here over the past 10+ years. The ICON A5 is an unreal flying experience, Adventure Flying at its best, and it changes everything people think they know about aviation – pilot or not.”

The combination of folding wings, amphibious capability, and an optional custom trailer means you can own an A5 without ever setting foot on an airport. The A5 trailer’s hydraulic retracting bunks allow the plane to be loaded and unloaded on its wheels or launched and recovered in the water like a boat.

Icon A5 Aircraft -

Icon A5 Aircraft in the air

Icon A5 Aircraft -01-on the road