Must-Have Summer Fashion Trends For Men

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Hey guys, this summer needs to be all about being comfortable but still looking good to the ladies. Depending on where you leave, summer weather can get pretty hot but you still want to look cool, which means finding the right clothes, the right materials and even the right accessories.
First of all, say no to the white tank top, muscle shirts and socks with your sandals. Please guys, just don’t do it. You want to look good, not silly. Muscle shirts belong in the gym, white tank tops belong as undergarments and sandals belong without socks.
Now, for the things that you should do with your summer wardrobe:

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Wear Polo Shirts

Polo shirts along with other preppy clothing options give off a stylish yet casual look, an air of relaxation. They can look good on the golf course or the tennis court, while also suiting you nicely at a restaurant or on a casual date.
The polo shirt should definitely be a staple item in your closet guys. But what about you t-shirt guys?


Wear T-Shirts

You can sport a t-shirt and still look good. Not every guy wants to wear a Polo shirt for a night on the town or a trip to the beach or barbecue party. This is when a t-shirt comes in pretty handy. For summer you really should stick with lighter color, summer style shirts. Black will just make you look like you should have long hair and be smoking clove cigarettes.
If you’re a graphic tee kind of guy, pick graphics that scream summer so they are fun and hip. Or, go for the classic stripe look.


Follow the Trends

Look into the color and print trends. While floral may not be something for you, a floral trend for men isn’t about pretty blouses. Think Hawaiian style floral. Blue is supposed to be a popular color for menswear this summer, so look for different hues of blue to mix in with your baggy jeans and cargo shorts (which never go out of style, do they?).
Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. If you are attending a bonfire on a chillier night you also shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with some layering so you can warm up if it’s colder or cool of when you get too warm around the open fire.

Looking for sandals? The sport sandal is in, but you may want to save those for when you are actually doing a sport. For your casual night on the town, go with a classic penny loafer.
Whether or not you like to follow the latest fashions and trends, it’s likely a trip to the store will have you seeing many of the trends you’ve read here, so you’re just going to have to get with the program. Find clothes that fit your frame and your style and you are sure to have a fun and comfortable summer.

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