Luxury jewelry designs translated onto the Aurae Solid Gold MasterCards

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The world’s most successful people have an artful, personalized expression of the wealth, success and status they’ve earned. Legacy and success are elegantly expressed in this bespoke 14k or 18k Solid Gold MasterCards.

New York-established fine ‪jewelry‬ house Misahara announced its recent collaboration with elite ‪‎Lifestyle‬ management services provider Aurae Lifestyle to create a collection of exclusive Aurae Solid Gold MasterCards.

The Aurae 14K gold MasterCard represents the convergence of Aurae’s luxury services and the creative vision of Misahara designer, Lepa Galeb-Roskopp and is based on the house’s existing designs and ranging from the white diamond-speckled Starburst to Adriatic waves of stunning blue sapphires.

Misahara and Aurae Collaborate


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The bespoke cards have quickly been embraced by clients in the UK, Middle East, US, and elsewhere across the globe due to the exclusivity and exquisite services the card offers. The members have access to the world’s most exclusive and sought after events, elite concierge and butler services and a dedicated team of global experts that cover 115 countries. All members receive an Aurae 14k Solid Gold (43g-60g) Lifestyle Prefunded MasterCard with the option to customize their card to commemorate the status they have earned.

“Seeing my jewelry designs translated onto the Aurae MasterCards was most surprising and at first, a challenge,” says Misahara designer. “I feel that these cards can absolutely become a piece of art on their own, making them more than just a regular debit card. Luxury is a lifestyle, therefore, so is the Aurae Card.”

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