Maximize Your AARP Membership with These 8 Tips

Nearly 38 million people belong to the American Association of Retired Persons, now known as just AARP. The non-profit organization dedicated to rethinking how people age is known for its advocacy work. As a member, you benefit from services that promote quality healthcare, financial security, and personal fulfillment for seniors.

But don’t forget that AARP also offers curated information, essential resources, and significant discounts. To make the most of your AARP membership, consider the following tips:

Dine Out at a Discount

Many financial experts consider AARP membership to be a good value. One reason is access to money-saving discounts. Eating out can be expensive, so take advantage of the dining discounts that come with your membership. Many restaurants found throughout the U.S. offer 10 percent off dining or other discounts. For example, AARP members get 10 percent off food at Arby’s and free soft drinks at Back Yard Burgers.


Use AARP to Plan Your Vacations

AARP partners with Expedia to provide travel tools and resources that help seniors figure out lodging, airfare, and other trip details. You get discounts on rental cars up to 25 percent, and 10 percent off partner hotels. Other travel discounts include five percent off Norwegian Cruise Lines vacations and 15 percent off Starwood Hotels. Use the AARP travel website for information on all aspects of traveling, including destination guides.

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Look Through AARP’s Entertainment Offerings and Discounts

Entertainment is also discounted through AARP. Enjoy less expensive movie tickets and discounts on movie popcorn and drinks. In certain cities, you can screen movies for free at sponsored events. Cirque du Soleil offers 20 percent off Las Vegas shows and 15 percent off touring shows. Other venues with AARP discounts include Busch Gardens, the Kennedy Space Center, and Sea World.


Looking for a Job? Use the Resources on the AARP Website

The AARP website offers multiple resources for finding and landing jobs. The job search tool is not restricted by age, but it does focus on jobs for experienced workers. For older individuals who need to keep working, want to make a job change, or are simply interested in growing in their careers, this is an invaluable tool. Also, enjoy the numerous articles about everything related to working past the age of 50.


Use AARP’s Online Tools for Financial Planning

For all aspects of your finances, use the money tools available to members on the AARP website. These include a retirement calculator, home budgeting, health care costs, a mortgage calculator, net worth estimates, a credit card payoff calculator, and more. Check out the money page on the website for articles and information about scams, financial fraud, budgeting, debt, investing, insurance, taxes, and other financial topics.

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Make the Most of the AARP Website’s Health Tools and Resource

AARP also offers invaluable information about everything related to health, healthcare, and health insurance. Use tools for managing health costs and making important decisions about healthcare: drug interaction checker, BMI calculator, drug comparison, Medicare Q and A, pill identifier, symptom checker, and Medicare decoder. You’ll also find information in the health encyclopedia and health law answers tool.


Choose Insurance Policies Created for AARP Members

AARP members can benefit from insurance policies designed just for them by third-party insurance providers. AARP auto insurance by The Hartford, for example, offers savings, policy features, and services curated with the needs of seniors in mind. Some insurance companies also have AARP member plans for home, life, vision, dental, and pet insurance.

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Save on a New Car with the AARP Auto Buying Program

For your next new care, use the AARP auto buying program. With the tool, you can search for car options and read up on the latest models and safety features. Then, you can access a certified dealer anywhere in the U.S. and schedule a test drive.

Other resources include the AARP Smart Driver online course, which is free when you register your car, the Smart Driver Tek course for learning about vehicle technologies, and a hub for maintenance, safety, and savings tips.

AARP is for Everyone

For $12 to $16 a year, depending on how you choose to pay, anyone 50 or older can become an AARP member and receive a host of benefits. However, you should know that many of the benefits that are not age-restricted are open to associate members younger than 50, and even non-members. Whether you’re a member or not, you should check out the AARP website and make use of the services and information available.