Ghibli GranLusso. Restyled and enriched with additional high-tech features

Maserati offers first glimpses of its updated Ghibli GranLusso luxury sports sedan.

Maserati Ghibli Gran Lusso images-01

Maserati releases first images of its new Ghibli GranLusso with additional high-tech features. The Italian sports sedan gets an important upgrade in terms of design and technological contents.

The new Ghibli GranLusso will make its debut at the Chengdu International Exhibition for Automobile and Accessories in China (25th August – 3rd September, 2017,Chengdu China). The new car showcases a new front bumper with dedicated chrome inserts and new front grille with chrome bars, in line with the latest Maserati models style signature.

In profile, the GranLusso badge at the bases of the front fenders and body colour side skirts, identify the specific version.

The new rear bumper, together with the body colour rear extractor, is elegantly redesigned to give a sharper look to the model compared to the previous version.

The new Ghibli GranLusso design isn’t just about the look: the restyling contributed to a substantial improvement of the aerodynamic efficiency.

Together with the exterior restyling, the new Ghibli GranLusso introduces important features such as Adaptive full LED Headlights with glare free Matrix High-Beam for a distinctive look and even better illumination.

New active ADAS functionalities are also available in the Ghibli GranLusso, allowing Maserati to enter the world of autonomous driving.

Maserati Ghibli Gran Lusso images-02 Maserati Ghibli Gran Lusso images- Maserati Ghibli Gran Lusso images