Luxury Air Traveling with pets: FURst Class Service

Raising the Bar on Luxury Pet Travel

Air Royale
, known as the “boutique” air charter intermediary services company, and Sit ‘n Stay Global, the provider of in-flight service for pets aboard private jets, raise the bar for luxury pet travel with a new strategic alliance. So why not consider having your entire family treated like royalty on your next trip?

The new partnership will offer access to more than 5,000 jets and FURst Class Service for pets. Once on board, Sit ‘n Stay flight attendants will provide a satisfying experience for clients traveling with pets and to make your pet feel like an important guest too. Sit ‘n Stay trained professionals are not only certified by the American Red Cross’ Pet First Aid and CPR programs, but also maintain all corporate flight attendant safety qualifications.

“People are choosing to fly on private jets not only for the security, convenience and comfort they provide, but also to be able to bring their pet along in the cabin,” said Wayne J. Rizzi, president & CEO of Air Royale. Jet charter travel can be defined in many ways. Seeking out the best private jet charter, and expecting a seamless air charter experience can be a challenge for anyone. Air Royale and our newest partner, Sit ‘n Stay Global, can help make it the perfect charter jet experience.”

“We stay current on all of the safety and culinary training to make your flight superb, but best of all, Sit ‘n Stay flight attendants are true pet lovers. We developed the first standardized Pet Safety Protocols for pets flying on private jets. These safety protocols cover everything from turbulence to decompression and bracing positions, as well as evacuation procedures on land or in water,” explained Carol Martin, top dog at Sit ‘n Stay Global.