A luxuriously refurbished lighthouse with roof terrace and sublime view of Mount Etna



Italian design icons participate in the restoration of the Brucoli Lighthouse – Syracuse.

Faro di Brucoli – Brucoli Lighthouse – Syracuse, Italy; @farodibrucoli.com

On the tip of a strip of land where an ancient seaside village of Brucoli is nestled, right next to the fifteenth-century Aragonese Castle, of the Queen Giovanna D’Aragona, we find a unique place that smells of the ocean, of the sun and of Sicily: the Lighthouse of Brucoli. On the outskirts of the Val di Noto across the Ionian Sean, Faro Brucoli enjoys the best view of Mount Etna.

Within the project “Valore Paese – DIMORE” (“Country Value – Dwelling”), the state property agency has selected important historical, artistic and landscape value assets throughout the national territory to be refurbished and then used for cultural tourism purposes. The Brucoli Lighthouse is one of those.

Faro di Brucoli – Brucoli Lighthouse – Syracuse, Italy; @farodibrucoli.com

Dating back to 1911, the Lighthouse has been masterfully renovated by the Itinera Associate Studio: a roof terrace with sublime views of Mount Etna that majestically rises across the Gulf of Catania. Architect Giuseppe Divita enhanced the valuable lighthouse of the ancient Brucoli seaside village, but maintaining all the peculiarities of the blessed naturalistic position and improving the architectural characteristics of the structure.


The restoration affected important improvements not just in terms of structure but even of interior design. For the interiors the designers choose quintessentially Italian contemporary interiors, featuring pieces by the masters of the Italian design like iconic pieces designed by the best Italian designers, such as Joe Ponti, Franco Albini, Franco Zanussi, Rodolfo Dordoni, Antonio Citterio.

Viabizuno realized the internal and external technical lighting system, while the wellness areas are all signed by Antonio Lupi, a provider of some of the most luxurious bathroom solutions. The furniture represents the excellence of Italian brands, including Zanotta, Cassina, Arclinea, Molteni, Maxalto, B&B, Porro and Talenti.

Faro di Brucoli – Brucoli Lighthouse – Syracuse, Italy; @farodibrucoli.com

Faro di Brucoli – Brucoli Lighthouse – Syracuse, Italy ; @farodibrucoli.com

Faro di Brucoli – Brucoli Lighthouse – Syracuse, Italy ; photos @farodibrucoli.com