Luxurious gifts for all the people in your life

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Whether you have a friend or family member’s birthday around the corner, or whether you just want to get a head start on this year’s Christmas shopping, have a look at this list of luxurious gifts for all the different people in your life. When considering what gift to buy, think about the recipient and their hobbies and interests as a guide, and make sure that you are generous in your gift giving!

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For the gamer
Everyone knows someone who loves games. For the gamer in your life, gift them an account at an online casino, preloaded with a generous amount of money for them to use. Make sure that you pick only the classiest and most well revered of all online establishments. Royal Vegas online casino has a huge variety of fun, online games. In addition, its mobile compatibility allows you to enjoy casino gaming on the move. This means that you can play a few rounds of poker while you wait for your flight at the airport, or at any other time that is most convenient for your lifestyle.


For the foodie
For the foodie in your life make sure to buy them something that they will make use of in the kitchen. Do not spare any expense when it comes to kitchen appliances, crockery or gadgets –buy quality that is sure to last a lifetime. There is nothing quite as delicious as home-made pasta, so a perfect gift for a foodie friend is a pasta machine. Splurge and get them the top of the range pasta machine; the Cucina pro pasta maker that retails for just over $400.

Vera Wang for Wedgwood Baby Music Box


For the mom to be
When it comes to giving gifts one should try as often as possible to buy something that the recipient would not necessarily have bought for themselves due to its extravagance. For the mom to be, if you are getting her a gift that is actually for the baby: go big and luxurious. Opt for something that the mom would want, but would probably not buy as it is inessential and expensive. My top pick for a gift for a mom to be has to be this heart-shaped music box that is designed by Vera Wang for Wedgewood. It is timeless and elegant, and bound to be a favorite gift.


brunello cucinelli

For the fashionista
For the fashion forward friend, you obviously have to buy them clothes! Pick something timeless like Cashmere; either a cardigan, a sweater or a few scarves. But choosing something that is not a season bound trend does not mean it has to be boring. Choose bright color that they may not have, like red or pink – everyone is bound to have quality cashmere products in black and neutrals, so treat your fashionable friend to good quality in a fun color!


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For the wanderlust traveller
If your friend or family member loves to travel, incorporate that into your gift for him or her. Let them travel in style with a new set of chic luggage. Have a look here for some of the best and most luxurious luggage sets that money can buy!