Louis Vuitton revamped its careers site and searches for 9,000 talents

Louis Vuitton invites candidates to never stop dreaming with new Louis Vuitton Jobs Recruitment Site.

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To support its growth, Louis Vuitton has revamped its careers site, with plans to recruit some 9,000 talents by 2025. The intuitive platform targets people with an appetite for challenges and an ability to meet them thanks to their creativity.

Louis Vuitton encompasses a vast collection of métiers, spanning retail, merchandising, operations, R&D, production and more. Candidates simply enter a keyword or job title and a location on the site homepage to embark on their future career journey. Each job description – written in the words of actual employees of the Maison – lets candidates dive directly into the reality of the job and Louis Vuitton’s unique culture.

To prepare for interviews, talents find inspiration in the history of the Maison, from founder Louis to Vivienne, Louis Vuitton’s digital mascot. The Sustainability section of the site details Louis Vuitton’s ambitious commitments, coupled with detailed figures, inviting interested job applicants to discover the “Our Committed Journey” roadmap. And a News section looks at key events inside Louis Vuitton.

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“Louis Vuitton offers a multitude of opportunities and exciting challenges for candidates from around the world. We designed this site to reflect our shared spirit and our incredible wealth of métiers in order to attract talented people who feel an affinity with our culture. We want to bring them a unique experience, starting right from the moment they apply for a job at Louis Vuitton,” says Olivier Sastre, Senior Vice President, Human Resources.

Available in five languages, Louis Vuitton Jobs offers everyone around the world a chance to embark on a compelling professional journey. This invitation to future members of the Maison is encapsulated in the ethos “We never stop dreaming. We craft new realities.”

To see all jobs available visit jobs.louisvuitton.com.

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LVMH program DARE taps talents for cutting-edge innovation

Since 2017, DARE (Disrupt, Act, Risk to be an Entrepreneur) gives LVMH employees the opportunity to bring their ideas to life and turn them into concrete projects. This global intrapreneurial program encourages all talents to share bolds ideas for new business solutions and offers the most relevant ones an opportunity to be brought to market.

Supported by mentors – CEOs from LVMH Maisons and external entrepreneurs –DARE participants refine their business model, test their prototype and prepare their final pitch. The winning teams are accelerated with startup methodologies within the highest level of the organization.

In just five years, DARE has grown into a community of over 30 000 talents and has supported the launch and acceleration of 52 innovative projects, reaching all LVMH business verticals. These include:

Nona Source, the first online resale platform which re-values deadstock fabrics from the Group’s Fashion & Leather Goods Maisons Shero, an internal platform of empowerment to inspire talents with tips, coaching and initiatives The Inclusion Index, an observatory and accelerator of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives within the Group Heristoria, a recently launched platform that curates and sells iconic millesime pieces from LVMH Maisons.

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