Laurent Ferrier’s revisited École Annual Calendar is venturing into the field of colour



After more than a year overshadowed by widespread gloom, there has never been a greater need for a little escape. With this in mind, Laurent Ferrier has Laurent Ferrier has revisited the École Annual Calendar watch.

@Laurent Ferrier École Annual Calendar watch

Resplendent in blue and orange, this new watchmaking creation from Laurent Ferrier, the Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 2009 and named after its founder, Laurent Ferrier, is offered in a limited edition of only ten pieces, each of them numbered and engraved as “Série Atelier II”.

This most recent creation is housed in the École-shaped case of the luxury Maison. The name derives from the case made by Laurent during his studies at watchmaking school, which inspired him to create a new version, many years later.

The two-zone blue dial of this new reference features a contrasting vertical satin-brushed centre, and circular satin-brushed hour ring. Blue, often associated with dreams and peace of mind, but also a symbol of the sky and sea, is ultimately a colour widely used in both traditional and contemporary watchmaking. Here, it is the product of a galvanic metal treatment process. One of Laurent’s favourites, most of his collection showcases this colour. As always with Laurent Ferrier timepieces, the intensity of the colour varies with the light.

In the wake of its big brother, the Grand Sport Tourbillon watch, the École Annual Calendar Navy timepiece offers a more contemporary and sporting appearance compared to earlier versions. Quintessentially associated with aviation or the navy, vibrant orange here adorns the 18K white gold hands, providing the timepiece with optimal legibility and a compelling look.

@Laurent Ferrier École Annual Calendar watch

The École Annual Calendar Navy boasts a long list of features which together make it a unique timepiece.

The time is indicated with LF iconic hands stamped in “Assegais” shape. A snailed small seconds dial placed at 6 o’clock gives character to the composition, while two bevelled apertures, positioned at 12 o’clock, display the day and the month. Finally, the date is indicated by a hand coated in white accompanied by vintage-inspired numerals, on the edge of the dial. The whole offers the full array of information required for daily life while remaining uncluttered and with no unnecessary adornment.

@Laurent Ferrier École Annual Calendar watch

As the name suggests, this watch is equipped with an annual calendar.

This complication recognises months with 30 and 31 days, progressing automatically to the 1st of the month as appropriate. Manual adjustment is required only once a year, on the 1st of March. The day display is easily set through a pusher on the left side of the case, at 10 o’clock. All the other settings are easily controlled by a pull of the crown and rotating it accordingly, with no need for any tools.

The École case, inspired by Laurent’s studies while a younger man, also pays tribute to period pocket watches, from the time when pioneer watchmakers began transforming them into wristwatches.

The “Série Atelier II” will be the last reissue of this case, since Laurent Ferrier has decided to realign his collection by focusing on iconic cases: the Classic, the Square and the Grand Sport. As always, the “ball”-shaped crown, the emblematic signature of the luxury Maison, offers all the ease of a smooth and very pleasant winding.

The calibre 126.01 is at the heart of Laurent Ferrier Série Atelier II.

This hand-wound movement incorporates a Swiss lever escapement and offers a power reserve of up to 80 hours. The power reserve indicator is placed on the movement and visible on the caseback. Much appreciated by purists, the long-blade ratchet, characteristic of Laurent Ferrier manual movements, here boasts a polished bassiné finish, handcrafted in the brand’s own workshops.

@Laurent Ferrier École Annual Calendar watch

Laurent Ferrier watch manufacture is renowned for unmatched finishes.

The sapphire crystal on the back of the École Annual Calendar Navy reveals both the mechanism and the finesse of its state- of-the-art manual finishes. Each bridge is adorned with spotless Côtes de Genève decoration, and ruthenium plating. The plate is embellished with beading while the edges and inner edges are chamfered and then polished by hand, just like the screw heads.

The École Annual Calendar Navy is presented on a hand-sewn bracelet in orange or navy Nubuck leather (based on your choice) with a navy Alcantara lining. Designed to be worn on any occasion, the “Série Atelier II” limited edition of only ten pieces is available exclusively from Atelier Laurent Ferrier for 50,000 CHF excl. taxes (54,035.70 United States Dollar).

@Laurent Ferrier École Annual Calendar watch