Kerbedanz The Tree of Life – A tapestry of snow-set emeralds and black diamonds

A lavish style and symbolic vibes.

Kerbedanz The Tree of Life - 2016 

The Tree of Life is an exclusively feminine timepiece by Kerbedanz which explores the fascinating world of haute joaillerie. “Making sense of beauty” is the Kerbedanz motto, the masters in combining universal symbols with the utmost in the art of Swiss watchmaking.

The brand is known for offering initiatory journeys explored by way of unique pieces, or pieces in ultra- limited series.

The Tree of Life features a total of 540 carefully selected, cut and calibrated emeralds, generously sprinkled in a snow setting around the bezel and stretching all the way to the delightfully sculpted lugs.

With this ultra limited series of forty-one watches, the Swiss brand from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, has connected with the delicate intimacy of the most refined and demanding women.

According to the watch manufacture, this is a watch that explores the frontiers of female inaccessibility.

“It is a distillate of all the ancient jewelry traditions, of which KERBEDANZ remains a rightful heir. It exudes the lavishness of massive gold and natural glass,” says the jewellery house.

The horological creation represents an ancient, flowering tree planted in a mossy undergrowth. It is the product of an inspired designer, a work of horological art brimming with gold leaves and spangled with diamonds – the indices – and harboring an ultra-precise Swiss mechanical automatic movement. It speaks to the heart of women who, in spite of their discreet inclination towards all matters transcendent, do maintain a feeling for earthy realities.

Kerbedanz The Tree of Life - A tapestry of snow-set emeralds Kerbedanz The Tree of Life - Black Edition

On all five continents the Tree of Life represents physical and spiritual growth. With its branches that reach towards the sky in a ceaseless quest for perfection, and its roots that connect with Mother Earth, this special tree is at the juncture of two worlds.

It is the connection between divine immortality and the human condition. Like its leaves and fruit, which perform that gracious ballet of eternal cycle of apparent death and seasonal rebirth, this organic being is bursting with vitality.

The Tree of Life watch model combines the legacy of Switzerland’s watchmaking regions, with its proliferation of micro-mechanical genius, and a family dynasty of engravers, enamellers and miniature sculptors that has kept the arts and crafts related to ancient jeweler tradition alive for generations.

Designed, decorated and manufactured by Kerbedanz, the watch has also a black edition with case (18K rose gold, 41mm) and lugs decorated with black diamonds. The crown dressed with black diamond is situated in the north-east, between 1 and 2 o’clock.

Kerbedanz Maximus

During 2017 Baselworld, Kerbedanz introduced the biggest tourbillon in the world. Maximus is the biggest known tourbillon for wristwatch.

Kerbedanz The Tree of Life - 2016-