Keeping Our Best Friend Healthy


The Health Of Our Friends

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For the unconditional love that our dogs give us, they can expect us to keep them healthy. We need to ensure that they are eating the right foods, they are exercising, and that they receive good grooming with routine check-ups at the vet. As a doggie pet parent, we should be aware of their eating, drinking, and sleeping habits so that our observations can give veterinarians the best information we have about our best friend.

What we feed them is vital. The AKC suggests that the best dog food ingredients include meats, vegetables, grains, and fruits. Like humans, dogs need carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, minerals, and fats. Interestingly enough, there are special wine-like drinks to help them eat their natural grain-free meals. This brings to mind that drinking water is as important for dogs as it is for us.

Quality Dog Food and Supplements

Feeding our friends quality food is one of the best things that we can do to keep them healthy. Well-balanced dog food, whether dry or wet, helps to keep their coats healthy, it will keep their immune system strong, and improve their digestive system, even after they have eaten their own poop.
Also, depending on the age and size of your dog, supplements are a great nutritional addition to their diet. There are a variety of multifunctional supplements that benefit our pets, like the SmartyPaws Dog Supplements. Not only does quality dog food ingredients and beneficial supplements keep our family dogs in excellent shape, but rescue dogs grow healthy and happy.

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Perform A Checklist

As your doggie’s human parent and an attentive owner, check their body’s in the following manner:

Skin and coat: check that there is no dandruff, too much oiliness, and look for bald spots.
Eyes: look for mucus, watery eyes, and swelling. Ensure that their long eyelashes are not touching the eyeballs. The eyes should be clear, bright, and healthy looking.
Ears: the inside of the ear should be a healthy pink. Make sure there is no wax build-up, no crusty skin, and no redness.
Nose: a dog’s nose should be cool and moist with no crusty surface. Ensure that there is no mucus discharge.
Mouth: check their gums and teeth. Brush their teeth to prevent plaque build-up. The gums should look healthy and their breath should be doggie scented but not smelling too foul.
Paws: a dog’s pads are to cushion their bones and joints from walking and running shocks. Their nails must be clipped, exams check in-between their toes, and their paws can be moisturized to keep pads soft.


Veterinarian Checkups

We must make regular veterinarian check-ups which will be guided by them. As part of their check-ups, they check their weight which is affected by what they eat and their exercise regiment. Our doggies can be both underweight and overweight. A vet can feel their rib-cage which they can teach you what to feel for.

Their urine is checked to make sure that it is clear and yellow. The vet will ask about their stool movements. Yes, you must be familiar with the look of their poop. For example, if it is too runny, if your doggie pet strains when they go, etc., take them to a vet.

Scheduled vaccinations keep them from contracting illnesses like distemper, viruses, hepatitis, and more. Dogs can easily contract kennel cough which is a respiration problem, especially when dogs interact with other dogs. Young dogs are given vaccinations during their younger lives, followed by boosters.

The vet will take their temperature, heart, pulse, and check their paws. These exams are determinate based on the breed, their size, and their age. Further, as doggie parents, we don’t always consider how much exercise is important as part of our dog’s health regiment. Exercising helps them release energy, tones their muscles, keeps their immune system functioning properly, keeps their minds engaged, and improves their overall health.

We see our dogs every day. To us, they look okay, but we must always be sure. That is why it is very important to schedule veterinarian appointments and look them over ourselves. We must ensure that what we feed them contains top quality ingredients via their dog food and snacks. As our companions and family members, we must do all we can to keep them healthy, safe, and happy.