Jour de Macaron 2019/Macaroon’s Day: Hurrah for spring and delicacies



Every March 20th, Macaron’s Day makes solidarity coincide with sweet delicacies. The delectable French macarons celebrate their day on 20th March in France and on 20th or 23rd March in the U.S. The participating patisseries across the world are coming together unique macaron collections created specifically for the event by the most talented pastry chefs of the world.

To celebrate the 2019 Macaroon’s Day, the Relais Desserts pastry chefs are determined to gather their troops and their imagination to benefit this gourmet day under the sign sharing and solidarity. For this 14th year, The Relais Desserts Chefs have mobilized their creativity to benefit the Zazakely Sambatra association —presided by Stéphane de Bourgies who works with Madagascar youth— taking their inspiration from the island terroir’s richness to compose a macaron gift box, especially created for the occasion. So many sweet things to take out in a bright Madagascar colors and limited edition gift box with, as a bonus a pretty bracelet the Madagascan stylist Sih Rakout created.

Pierre Hermes Macarons Day 2019 -

French pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé, the pastry legend synonym with macarons often called the king of macaron, celebrates Macaron’s Day 2019 with the flavours of Madagascar. At Pierre Hermé Paris all you have to do is choose between the unmissable infinitely vanilla macaron of Madagascar, which takes the senses to the limit of the frozen vanilla pleasure, or the infinitely chocolate Madagascar Macaron, specially created for the occasion… Or take both!

The Macaron Day tradition was established in 2005 in Paris as a partnership among local macaron patisseries to celebrate the French macaron and give back to local charities. In 2010, French macaron shops in NYC also began organizing an annual Macaron Day charity event with over 15 participating locations. There are now annual events in Budapest, Toronto, Portland—and other cities, including Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville and Pittsburgh.

Macaron Day Cincinnati was first held in 2015 with 8 participating bakeries. 13 bakeries across Greater Cincinnati are participating in 2019. This year each bakery will be donating a portion of their sales from the day to the Freestore Foodbank. Beneficiaries in prior years include Pink Ribbon Girls and Over-the-Rhine Community Housing. Macaron Day Cincinnati is March 23rd.

Macaron Day Indianapolis is celebrating its inaugural year, with 10 participating bakeries. The non-profit beneficiary is Crooked Creek Food Pantry. Macaron Day Indianapolis is March 23rd.

Macaron Day Louisville is celebrating its 3rd consecutive year, with 3 participating bakeries. The non-profit beneficiary is Dare to Care Food Bank. Macaron Day Louisville is March 23rd.

Macaron Day Pittsburgh is celebrating its 2nd year, with 8 participating bakeries. The non-profit beneficiary will be Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Beneficiaries in prior years include 412 Food Rescue. Macaron Day Pittsburgh is a multi-day experience occurring March 20-24th.

Coinciding with Macaron Day taking place in Paris, NYC and many other international cities, Macaron Day in Toronto celebrates these delicate confections in support of a local charity. 25 percent of all macaron proceeds on this day are donated to the Red Door Family Shelter, a non-profit organization that supports families and individuals in need of a safe and supportive emergency shelter in Toronto and the GTA.

Ooh La La Ladurée 2019 collection

Ooh La La Ladurée 2019 collection; @Ladurée;

Do you want more French gourmandise?

Ladurée has a good new for you; Maison Ladurée is launching the “Ooh La La Ladurée” collection, delicious chocolate coated macarons. Four exclusive flavours to discover in Ladurée stores: The chocolate hazelnut macaron coated with milk chocolate, the chocolate macaron coated with dark chocolate, the lemon macaron coated with dark chocolate, the raspberry macaron coated with dark chocolate.

Do you know Yuzu, this Asiatic citrus fruit hybrid of lemon and sour mandarin? For 2019 Easter, Chef Morihide Yoshida mixed this fruit to a white chocolate ganache to make a delicious macaron available at Ladurée!

We could not not mention Chef Morihide Yoshida’s Sakura tartlet with matcha tea, a highly symbolic ingredient in Japan. This tartlet is made with a sweet chocolate pastry, a crunchy praline, a creamy ganache with Matcha tea and a cherry blossom mousse.