Incident Management Software Features to Look for



Thinking about implementing an incident management software at your company? Read here to find out about the features you must include!

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Nobody likes to think about potential incidents which could happen in the workplace. No matter how hard we try, unfortunate events take place all the time. Businesses and employees alike need to be able to recover from incidents quickly and efficiently and so, many companies use an incident management software. If you are thinking about implementing such a software, here are some of the key features you should look for.

Detection and Recording

When an employee first logs the incident on the portal, the incident management software will kick into action. First, it will record the details of the accident for later identification and then it will analyse the nature of the incident and give it a priority rank. The higher the rank, the quicker someone will address the situation.

Investigation and Diagnosis

When the technician then comes to look at the case, they will have all the information they need to be able to resolve the issue. In addition to this, they will have access to a database of former issues which will allow them to hopefully see patterns between their current case and ones they have dealt with previously. Between this database and various diagnostic tools they may have at their service, it would not be long before they reach a solution.

Ideally, an incident management software will be adaptable so it can be used in conjunction with any diagnostic tools the technicians prefer. Cooperative software makes every task that little bit easier.

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Once the technician has identified and diagnosed the problem, it should be easy for them to resolve and wrap up. When finished, the incident software can take over again. It should automatically be able to update the report to say that it has been taken care of.

All the technician will have to do is fill in the incident report; some of which might be filled in automatically thanks to the report. Details like the date and the problem might be some of these things which can be taken care of by the program, leaving the actual report to be done by the technician. The program can then mark it complete and file it in the necessary place.

Continued Support

The finished ticket will then be stored in the software’s database for later use. If the same person who initially flagged the problem brings it up again, or someone has a similar incident, the software should flag any similar patterns and bring it up for the technician’s attention. This will result in the next investigation passing a lot quicker since the technician already has some experience with it. Overall, you can expect a response which will become more efficient and quicker over time!

These are just some of the incident response management software features you should look for. When trying to decide on a software, think about the most common complaints you get and how best to fix them. The perfect software should slip into your existing protocol without the need for an extensive overhaul.

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