Jewelry at Baselworld 2013: Poetry to everyone who is in love with jewelry

The award winning jewelry brands @ Baselworld 2013

The world’s biggest and most important event in the watch and jewellery sector is being held in Basel, Switzerland, from April 25 to May 2, 2013. The world’s most renowned brands display their collections exclusively at BASELWORLD. Here is a selection of novelties presented by the jewelry brands:

The beauty and magic of nature inspires this exclusive Bizzotto Gioielli collection: sweet and colored butterflies that fly and alight on flowers painted with a combination of precious pavé of diamonds, blue, yellow, orange and pink sapphires and amethyst. Young elegant jewels that can be mixed and matched in several ways to create color and light games that remember of nature and its fascinating charm.

Masriera has used in this set of jewels its own palette of fired enamel colours which provide the piece with the elegance and exquisiteness inherent to the Masriera iconographic universe. The Masriera brand represents the richness of the Art Nouveau universe. Established in 1839 in Barcelona, Spain, this year’s collection comes like an explosion of life. A symphony where flowers, nymphs, animal representations and the most imaginative abstractions recover the magical spirit that fuses art and jewel in a unique piece. To dive into the Masriera world predisposes our senses to the pleasure of gazing at a show of art sparkles in a perfect balance between body and sight.

Bayco presents, The Stellar Green, a very rare 20 carat old mine Colombian emerald set in a delicate and intricate diamond and diamond micropavé ring. Old mine Colombian emeralds were mined in Colombia over 200 years ago. The Stellar Green was re-cut to an old French cushion cut to bring out the spectacular brilliance of the old mine material. The inspiration behind this ring was to bring together the old world feel of the emerald within the construct of a modern, yet still classic setting.

Schreiner Fine Jewellery – BUDDHA DIAMONDS

Schreiner Fine Jewellery presents a world innovation: Diamonds in the shape of a Buddha. As well as the diamond the Buddha represents purity, perfection and eternity. And the Buddha is a symbol for health, happiness and deeper insight. The collection includes necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings all inspired by the symbol and the power of the Buddha.

Founded in Munich, Germany, in 1988, Schreiner Fine Jewellery has acquired an international name for fine, hand-made diamond jewellery. It has an excellent reputation for its unique and innovative jewellery.

Living the good life, that is what characterises the Ti Sento Milano Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. Inspired by the good life, the exquisite surroundings and the Mediterranean climate of the fashionable Italian seaside town of Portofino. The Portofino Collection designs are fresh and surprising. Ros and gold plated details have been added to many of its silver pieces. Presenting a wide selection of mix & match possibilities, there is always a jewellery piece appealing to a Ti Sento woman.

Shamballa Jewels unveils new designs that capture the vibrant energy of Buddhist prayer flags fluttering over Himalayan peaks. The new additions feature Lock Bracelets made of rubies, sapphires, moonstones and turquoises with diamonds set on gold. The gemstones are presented in a square shape. Lavish in the use of precious elements they are designed to convey magnificence and raw simplicity. Further additions are luminous beads of corals and sapphires that offer a new interpretation of the Shamballa Bracelet.

Inspiration is found in the universe of the ballet, which is set in Victorian times in the late 1800s, where India was a British colony. The warmth and golden shades of India are reflected in Charlotte Lynggaard´s choice of gemstones shimmering in shades of yellow and green combined with 18ct gold. It has taken 250 hours to create the jewellery – a choker and earrings – in the workshop in Hellerup, where OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is domiciled. Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is the leading Scandinavian jewellery brand in Fine Jewellery with international recognition.  The company, founded in 1963 by goldsmith Ole Lynggaard, was appointed as Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court in 2008. Today jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard, daughter to Ole Lynggaard, defines the company profile. 2013 is the company´s 50 year anniversary.

Carrera y Carrera – CÓRDOBA collection
Following the resounding success of the Córdoba collection, Carrera y Carrera has created new mini-sculptures inspired by the geometric patterns of the Mosque of Cordoba. This collection captures the magic of this building – the details of its façade, the sweetness of the flowers and trees of its inner courtyards – and transports us via gold and diamonds to the quintessence of paradise on Earth. New lightweight pieces that let light pass through their openwork, generating mystery and beauty.

Confetti and streamers are the arsenal of colors of the playful and joyful “battle” of Brazilian Carnival. This tradition, originated in the carnivals of the Parisian and Roman bourgeoisie, arrived in Brazil by the hands of European immigrants in the late 19th Century. This collection takes you through the sinuous and sensual forms of Brazilian Carnival, by the multicolored pink, yellow sapphires and rose quartz. The collection consists of earrings, rings and bracelets.

At BASELWORLD 2011, Fope presented a new product line called Twin with three different weaves applied to bangles. In 2013, Twin features three collections: Star, Naos and Fizzy, each available plain, enriched with diamonds or embellished with pearls, sapphires, rubies, or with colorful natural gemstones. At BASELWORLD 2012 Fope presents the brand new necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. With a precious detail: a new motif made of rose gold.

Like in a volcano where magma comes out from the heart of earth and reveals itself to the world, the stone reveals itself arousing fascination and astonishment. The new Vulcano collection from Roberto Coin consists of earrings, necklaces as well as rings.

The Meister Girello rotating rings are capturing the hearts of jewellery lovers with their characteristic features: their fluid movements, stirring design and technical perfection. Mounted on miniscule ball bearings, an outer ring rotates smoothly around an inner ring with virtually noiseless ease and precision. The rotating motion of the diamond- set surfaces ignites a dazzling display on the hand of the wearer. The Meister Girello line is crafted in platinum, yellow and red gold.