How to own a personal piece of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel launches Personal Collection. The Personal Collection program represents the best of the best from Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel journey

What was once a privilege reserved only for Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett is now available to connoisseurs around the world. Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection is debuting its Personal Collection program. This new Personal Collection is enhancing distillery’s Barrel offerings.

Barrels generally start around $10,000 USD plus varying local taxes. The new program will offer a more special and personalized experience for fans. First, buyers will now have several different ways to make their barrel selections, making the program even more accessible. Participants can have the barrel selected for them by the Master Distiller, receive samples based on flavor profiles, or they can travel to the distillery in Lynchburg and select their barrel with the help of Master Distiller or his team of Master Tasters.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel launches Personal Collection

Jack Daniel’s has also created premium collectibles and experiences to be enjoyed with every Personal Collection selection including a custom barrel head and framed barrel certificate as well as a unique purchase certificate, luxury decanter and glassware. In addition, purchasers will also receive a personalized Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel bottle with their name or special message. Participants will be commemorated with their name in the Barrel Recognition Room in Lynchburg, TN – an exhibit honoring past barrel purchasers and new buyers, and a part of the tour that nearly 400,000 people take every year. Lastly, the new program will offer a series of touch points to keep customers updated on their selection as well as a Barrel Concierge who will be dedicated to each buyers Personal Collection experience.

By the Barrel was originally launched in 1998, following the introduction of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, the first iteration of the craft whiskey family. Jack Daniel’s has continued to expand on its crafted Single Barrel offerings, releasing Single Barrel Barrel Proof in 2015 and, most recently, Single Barrel Rye in February 2016.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

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