Is playing blackjack for high stakes better online or real life casinos?


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Blackjack is one of the staples of any casino. Easy enough game on the surface but requires real skill to master and make a profit. Part of its appeal is the simplicity of the game and that in theory, anybody can play. However, the bigger the stakes, the lesser the regular person may want to participate within. What is fantastic is that blackjack, or 21, works as well online as it does in a casino. What does beg to differ though is which is better. There may be more social cues in reality, but a lot can be said for venturing into the virtual work. Of course, you’re probably looking for more information, so here’s why playing blackjack for high stakes is better online than in real life casinos:

Bet Big Online

What is crucial to online gamblers is finding a card game with a high return to player. Blackjack offers this in abundance if you find the right table. There are fun games out there for people, like Blackjack Switch and Super Fun 21; however, high rollers appreciate high limit live and RNG blackjack. Others may lean towards high stakes blackjack, but there’s a casino that fits everyone’s needs and some in which you can bet as much as £10,000.

Table Limits

As such, the table limits set in place are for the good of the gambler and the casino. There isn’t a chance to bet £50,000 on a single hand. Limits usually are in place on the total sum of wagers placed by the player. That being said, you can usually bet over £10,000, where the highest bets are played on the even chances. There are plenty of games out there, whether they be RNG (random number generator) or live. Each game’s limits vary, and it is important to check this out before playing.

Live Blackjack or RNG.

The choice here is pretty simple if it is going against playing real-life blackjack. RNG’s are good for beginners, or if you are looking to play mindlessly sometimes. However, if you want to compete and bet big, it has to be on the live blackjack tables. These recreate the tense atmosphere of actual blackjack tables, except from the comfort of your own home; these online games are any players dream. It’s where you can place the highest bets, and even converse with the people you are playing with. The great thing is, if you have the skills, you could have multiple games going at once, to maximise you winning potential.

Play Blackjack anywhere

One of the best things about playing blackjack online as opposed to a real casino is the mobility of it. With your mobile phone, it is quite literally possible to play anywhere. If you were climbing a mountain and wanted to take a little break by playing some blackjack, it’s possible. That may be a hyperbolic example, but true, nonetheless.


The problem may be that many mobile casino games are geared toward slots. However, even though the selection might not be as great, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. There is still plenty for you to choose from, so why not check some out.

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Perks of Being a High Roller

There is nothing like the feeling of being a high roller. The thrill of winning a huge bet is truly exhilarating, and some casinos even go a step further, offering VIP perks and bonus offers. When you’re in a casino and on a roll, you’re treated like royalty, and certain casinos want to recreate that for you online. There are premium packages to look out for, and they even reward loyalty in their VIPs.

Deposit and Cash-Out

When playing online, you want your cash in instantly and rewards to be paid out as soon as possible. When playing for high stakes, it would be near impossible to play without proper methods being put in place. Make sure you check out what payment method gets in the right amount you need and know how long it will take to come out. There are great ones out there; just be sure to use what’s right for you.


Of course, many first-time players worry about their safety when betting online. Players can rest assured with the security seals set in place and the highly sophisticated SSL encryption that online casinos use. Be sure to check if it is licenced by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, in order to guarantee your safety when playing online.

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