International Perfume Foundation Celebrates 20th Year Anniversary

The International Perfume Foundation (IPF)  announced it has reached the important milestone of its 20th year anniversary.

In her anniversary statement IPF Founder and Chairman Creezy Courtoy said: “We are pleased with our many accomplishments during the past 20 years highlighted by a real paradigm shift back to the use of natural ingredients in perfumery, promoted by fine organizations such as the Perfumery Art School in the UK teaching thousands of new perfumers to satisfy discerning consumers with natural perfumes made with flowers, plants, woods, and resins.”

Ms Courtoy added that IPF has always been about educating people, from La Quinzaine du Parfum, a myriad of cultural exhibitions which took place in Brussels from 1994 to 1997, to La Fete du Parfum, a Paris event that exhibited perfume and related literature at the Hotel de Crillon in 1998 to the creation of Les Routes du Parfum at UNESCO.

Finally, we have been very pleased with the addition of Terry Johnson, serving as IPF Vice Chairman and an expert in the US flower industry. His experience is helping to re-integrate the flower industry with the perfume and fragrance industries.

We are also so excited about what will be coming in the next 20. We are expanding our focus to incorporate key countries around the world for the protection of their natural and cultural heritages. It is in that spirit IPF is also announcing the appointment of Louisa Breaud as Director of Cultural Heritage.

Ms Breaud will head up IPF efforts world-wide to identify and catalog heritage seeds, plants and flowers necessary for the production of naturally-based essential oils, fragrance products and ornamental plants and flowers. These projects will an important step for IFP, not only to enhance our lobbying efforts to emphasize the importance of natural and authentic sources in the production of perfume but in our efforts to re-connect with the natural world for everyone’s benefit.

About The International Perfume Foundation:

The International Perfume Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1995, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and is the world’s leading authority on health issues related to fragrances and scents, while contributing to the preservation of the cultural heritage of perfume.

About Louisa Breaud

Louisa Breaud has worked with organizations such as UNESCO and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) one projects related to biodiversity and the protection of heritage plants and flowers.