Interbrand’s 2023 Breakthrough Brands Report: The Luxurious Legends of Disruption

Interbrand launches 2023 Breakthrough Brands Report revealing the emerging brands disrupting the global market.

Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, has launched its 2023 Breakthrough Brands Report—with the metaverse, AI and sustainable tech brands leading the way in disrupting the global market, shifting our understanding of the world and shaping consumer behavior.

Hold onto your designer hats because Interbrand has just unveiled its highly anticipated 2023 Breakthrough Brands Report, and it’s all about the emerging premium brands that are shaking up the global market. From the metaverse to AI and sustainable tech, these brands are redefining our understanding of the world and giving consumers a taste of the high life.

In collaboration with Vox Media, Interbrand’s influential report has identified the 30 most innovative brands that are breaking through the noise and carving out bold identities rooted in a clear vision. But it’s the top 12 brands that are making iconic moves and positioning themselves as the next generation of legacy brands.

This year’s report showcases brands that transcend traditional categories and industries, grouped into “Arenas” that cater to core human needs and cultural shifts. These brands are not just one-dimensional; they have infinite potential to expand and evolve, leaving their mark on multiple fronts.

Among the luxurious legends included in this year’s report is OpenAI, the AI researchers behind the world’s most talked-about chatbot. They’ve gained 1 million users in just five days, proving that their digital charm is irresistible. Then there’s Zepeto, Asia’s largest metaverse platform, where you can live out your wildest fantasies and mingle with virtual high society.

But it’s not just virtual experiences that are turning heads. Eight Sleep, the pioneer of smart sleep, is ensuring that your slumber is as luxurious and technologically advanced as it gets. And for those craving an adrenaline rush in style, CAKE offers high-performance electric motorbikes that combine power and elegance.

In the realm of electric vehicles, HiPhi is making waves with their premium EVs. These cars not only deliver on sustainability but also bring a touch of opulence to the electric revolution. KidSuper, the of-the-moment creative studio, is injecting luxury into the art and fashion world with their unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship.

If you’re a seafood aficionado with a taste for ethical sourcing, Fishwife has you covered with their chic canned seafood. And for those navigating the tricky world of matrimony, Betterhalf is the fastest-growing matrimony app, ensuring that your journey to the altar is as smooth as silk.

Luxury skincare takes center stage with Augustinus Bader, whose formula promises to rejuvenate your skin like never before. And when it comes to coffee on the go, Blank Street has made convenience and affordability its mantra, ensuring that your daily caffeine fix is anything but ordinary.

But let’s not forget the luxury in our kitchens. Caraway brings colorful and non-toxic cookware to the table, while Jolie Skin Co offers the world’s best shower filter for the most indulgent bathing experience. And for those looking to spice up their meals, Fly by Jing brings the perfect blend of East and West with their sauces that are truly out of this world.

These breakthrough brands are redefining luxury, sustainability, and innovation in their respective fields. They’re disrupting the status quo and giving consumers a taste of the extraordinary.

@Eight Sleep

Interbrand’s 2023 Breakthrough Brands:

  • OpenAI – AI researchers behind the world’s most talked-about chatbot;
  • Zepeto – avatar-based metaverse platform;
  • Eight Sleep – pioneer of smart sleep;
  • CAKE – high-performance electric motorbikes;
  • HiPhi – premium electric vehicles;
  • KidSuper – of-the-moment creative studio;
  • Fishwife – ethically-sourced tinned seafood;
  • Bilt – rewards platform for renters;
  • Betterhalf – fastest-growing matrimony app;
  • Obsess – immersive ecommerce developer;
  • Neko Health – body scanning health tech;
  • Sila Nanotechnologies – battery materials provider;
  • Acid League – gut-friendly gastronomy;
  • Augustinus Bader – luxury skincare formula;
  • Blank Street – affordable, convenient coffee-to-go;
  • Candela – next-gen electric boats;
  • Caraway – colorful non-toxic cookware;
  • Chopova Lowena – modern luxury that’s sustainable and gender-neutral;
  • Crumbl Cookies – cookies for the cookie-obsessed;
  • DRESSX – digital fashion brand;
  • Fisker – EVs for a cleaner future;
  • Fly by Jing – sauces that blend East and West;
  • Jolie Skin Co – the world’s best shower filter;
  • Maude – sophisticated take on sexual wellness;
  • Ono – environmentally friendly urban logistics vehicles;
  • Our Place – kitchen cookware’s future design icons;
  • Season Eqpt – inclusive snowboard and ski equipment;
  • Slutty Vegan – refreshingly bold vegan chain;
  • Talea – beer and taprooms with a woman’s touch;
  • Topicals – skincare brand that also supports mental health.

@Chopova Lowena – Modern luxury that’s sustainable and gender-neutral;