How Stella McCartney is Rewilding and Rechilding

@Stella McCartney Spring 2023

“My Spring 2023 is inspired by rewilding and rechilding — restoring the planet around us and the child within.” – Stella McCartney

Birds need our help, with 49% of species in decline, says Stella…

Stella McCartney Spring 2023 collection is inspired by #rewilding – conserving natural lands by giving them back to Mother Earth, reintroducing extinct species to rebalance ecosystems and removing human intervention. This is the brand’s most sustainable collection to date, it is made with 85% conscious materials.

“Species are disappearing one hundred times faster than the natural rate — which means that in a single year, we are losing as many species as we normally would lose in a century. We must act now to save these precious creatures…” Stella

@Stella McCartney Spring 2023

@Stella McCartney Spring 2023

Stella is ReWilding textiles with British bird species

A bold celebration of nature and youthful confidence, its sentiment began with the scientific work of naturalist Miriam Rothschild and Knepp Farm, who fully gave their land back to Mother Earth – allowing her to rebalance herself and restore wildlife without disturbance. Stella was moved by this and is now working with ecologist and reintroduction expert Dereck Gow to rewild her own countryside farm, inspiring a collection that combines native flora and fauna with a sense of childhood naivety.

The new Spring prints feature British bird species like goldfinches, woodpeckers and kingfishers, lovingly hand drawn in Stella McCartney’s London atelier.

“Expressing a love and respect for animals, my Spring 2023 collection is inspired by living in harmony with the creatures we share Mother Earth with…”

Forest-friendly viscose pieces feature prints of British bird species in need of protection, raising awareness of this cause very close to Stells’d heart. When biodiversity worsens, so does the climate crisis. According to the UN, 1 million species are threatened by extinction. “We must save them to save ourselves,” explains the British fashion brand.

Since 1970, 70% of animal species have disappeared. Rewilding restores natural lands by giving them back to Mother Earth, removing human intervention and reintroducing threatened and endangered native species.

Rechilding encourages us to stay wild and bring our inner child out. It is inspired by psychotherapy theory, guiding adults to a child-like state in order to be more positive and help with depression, anxiety and self-esteem.

Captured dichotomously in both natural and industrial settings, a mood-lifting palette blooming with sunflower yellow, rose pink, poppy red and lime green defines the season’s optimistic offering. Hand-drawn prints of British animals being rewilded are illustrated on forest-friendly viscose pieces, including deer, hedgehogs, badgers, hares and extinct lynx. English bird species like goldfinches, woodpeckers and kingfishers take wing on screen-printed trousers and fluid jersey vests.

@Stella McCartney Spring 2023

Evolving the lynx’s feline aesthetic, tiger prints feature on recycled polyester oversized coating, menswear tailoring and denim with circular hardware fastenings, while ocelot spots are blurred on PVC-free sequinned cut-out dresses, all-in-ones and Fur Free Fur coats innovated from a new wool alternative. Tiger continues on plant-based denim, alongside vintage-effect floral digital prints this Spring 2023.

Wild feelings of rechilding are expressed through hand-crocheted flowers stitched together on patchwork dresses, broderie anglaise finishes and monochromatic looks in lime and pink. Sexy bodycon dresses in sunflower yellow compact knit explode into silk bubble skirts, while compact knit and silky double-satin dresses detach into flowing bands. Fluid fabric wraps around rings on double-satin dresses reinforce brand codes of circularity, with petal-like cut-outs and sleeveless cape tops.

A new brand symbol representing a harmony and balance with nature, the S-Wave features on a range of bags and low and mid-top vegan trainers – crafted from a plant-based alternative to animal leather repurposed from grape waste. Spring sandals include puffy-soled Air Slides, the Skyla in stretch Alter Mat with a chunky sole and Falabella chain details, as well as strappy Cowboy styles on a wooden block heel. The Elyse platform shoe is revisited as a playful vegan clog.

@Stella McCartney Spring 2023

@Stella McCartney Spring 2023

@Stella McCartney